Monday, February 28, 2011

Art, Typing & Crochet

It was a windy, rainy day today with tornado watches in effect until 4pm.....So, needless to say, the kids were kind of cooped up inside. They ended up having a full-blown art-fest this afternoon. Which was fine with me kept them entertained & was 'Art Class'.....body art, I guess you'd call it. LOLJon's artwork on his own arm.

Alli worked her magic on Michael again.....remember they did this back in the fall around Halloween time.

'Why so serious?' Jon painted Alli's face to look like the Joker.

And Alli did this to Jon. I wish you could REALLY see the detailing in his eyes! She's really good. She says she wants to work in Scare Mare doing make-up when she's older.

Well, that was our Art Class. Typing. Clay came home from work yesterday evening & wanted to know why both girls were sitting here in the dining room (Alli here at this computer & Ashley at the table with her laptop) & IMing each other on the computer instead of just talking. I told him to hush & don't ruin it........Alli was doing 'School'. I told him she's learning the keyboard & spelling & its all disguised as having fun with her sister.

Now the crocheting.........

I finished my little 12 x 12" Stripey pillow this afternoon.

I love how it turned out. So bright & cheerful!!

Now...what to work on next. I'm still plugging away on my Granny Stripe blanket, but I'm kind of hankering to start something else.....a little smaller & more take with me to NC this weekend so I'll have someting to work on in the van & while I'm down there. I've been thinking about doing some hexagons with the scraps I have stashed around. Or I could do a scarf. I have several ideas floating around in my head.....I just need to decide.

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Sandee said...

Your pillow is beautiful! So fun and bright! And Ali HAS to work at Scare Mare, she has me scared all the way in Oregon! Wow, she is good.