Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lion or Lamb?

So....how did March come in where you live....like a Lion or a Lamb? We had storms, rain, wind & tornado watches yesterday.....but today has been gorgeous! We even cranked the grill up this evening & grilled some burgers & dogs for supper. YUM! We had to eat a tad early because Clay & Jon were headed to another LU basketball game & needed to leave by 6pm.Just a pretty purply birthday card for a special someone who is turning '13' on Sunday. That special someone being Alli's BFF, Cori. I can't believe they were about 3 years old when they met & became bestest friends. I still remember them BOTH climbing in the stroller together & letting Ella push them around the mall. Where has the time gone?
I have come across so many new crochet blogs here in the past few days. I'm having a blast pouring over these new blogs & gaining tons of new inspiration. I swear I dreamed about yarn & granny squares last night. LOL
Anyway, I came across this awesome idea for using up yarn left-overs & making these cool hot pads. You can check out Dawn's blog here at Fiddlesticks.
I love the colors she used! (The above squares are hers) They are made from one big Granny square made up of 11 rounds. Then the points are folded to the middle & stitched together. They are reversible & look totally different when you flip them over. They make great pot holders, but can also be used to set a plant on or a favorite piece of pottery, etc.
Here's mine that I stitched up last night while we watched '19 Kids & Counting'. I totally just used the little yarn scraps that I had in my basket at hand. Nothing special at all.

And here's the flip-side.


Suzanne said...

Our weather was like yours, stormy, but not too bad. We actually needed the rain. What a pretty card, pretty colors and love the flower! Happy birthday to your 13 year old. :-)

Mary said...

Beautiful Card Amy. I saw your post on Suzanne's blog. It's nice to see a fellow crochetter(is that a word? LOL) or knitter.