Friday, March 18, 2011

Japanese Flower Scarf

I first saw/heard about these beautiful flowers on Lucy's blog (where else...LOL!) But have since seen them popping up everywhere on lots of the other Hooky blogs I frequent. I fell in love with them just like everyone else, it seems. And decided they would be perfect in scarf form. I had these lovely shades of brown/tan in the box full of yarn that Aunt Vada sent me & decided they would be perfect for this project.

There are 15 flowers in this scarf & it measures approximately 75" long. I've done this to put away as a Christmas present for the coming year. (TRYING to get ahead & plan my projects NOW!) I'm thinking a smaller version of this would be adorable for the littler girls on my Christmas list. And I'd probably do them in Attic24 colors. This really took no time at all to make & I'm also proud to say that I used Lucy's 'join-as-you-go' method of joining these first time using this method & I LOVE it!! Since finishing this the other day at the dentist office (I surely have gotten a lot of hooky time in at the dentist as of late...LOL) I've been working on my hexagons again. They are just plain FUN to make! I took my bag of yarn outside yesterday for the first time this year & sat in my beloved chair under my Dogwood tree & hooked the afternoon away. Total BLISS!


Suzanne said...

Oh, Amy, that's so pretty! Your recipients will LOVE them! Maybe cute with a matching headband? (Said the non hooking chic... LOL)

Amy said...'re too 'Non-hooking chic'!!

Mary said...

ohhhhh Very pretty!! I'm crocheting a blankie for JC's son in OHIO state colors. I think I may have it done by Christmas..LOL