Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scrappy Fun

Scrappy Fun on a rainy Tuesday.......that's what I had yesterday afternoon. I stuck in a disc of NCIS & scrapped the afternoon away. I still have another layout on my table that needs journaling, but I have been having fun with all the March sketches at CUC. This is one of my from Anna's birthday & her new violin! I thought the colors & patterns in these papers went perfectly with her pretty dress & the whole 'dress-up/tea-party' theme of her party.
LOVE these pics of Jon & Alli......this is SO them....or should I say SO JON! He can pick & tease & you can try your darndest to be mad at him, but it never works. You always end up laughing!! (trust me, I know this from experience! It's a gift he gets from his Daddy!)
The title was actually Jon's idea......I was sitting here trying to think of something clever besides the obvious 'Birthday Cake' deal....when he walked by & said that. That's one of his famous sayings.......he always says it to her in the mornings when I call them to the table to get their school work. Alli assumes the slump-shouldered pose & shuffles in the kitchen with a sour-puss look on her face & this is what she gets from Jon. 'Don't be weary, just be cheery!' And don't you just know the reaction he gets from her. LOL! Anyway.....I thought it was the perfect way to document that fun little exchange between the two of them.

This was two-pager sketch that I used for her birthday morning pictures. I'm mad at my scanner because no matter how many times I re-scanned or turned the LO, it kept cutting the white edging off that top page. It's supposed to have about a half-inch white edging on three sides. Oh get the gist of it.

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