Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Do y'all remember the movie 'Holes'? I told Clay that's what it reminded me of outside here.....We had our septic tank pumped a few weeks ago & now the boys are doing some replacing of the pipes. Don't ask me for anymore details than that......because honestly, I don't know.
I just told him I really needed to go get the camera & he didn't argue with me.

Another one of our homeschooling 'Life Skills' study units. Jon could tell you exactly what's going on out here......I know because he TRIED to explain it to me. I just give him an 'A' & am so thankful in my heart that my kids are able to learn real life skills like this that will come in handy later in their lives!

Today, Rocky took a little trip to the vet........
This is how our poor little buddy looked this afternoon when he got home. Kind of tired & droopy.

It's now 8:02pm & he's feeling a little more perky.....but he is NOT too happy with that cone thingie......& he's got to wear it for FIVE whole days! Fun! Fun!


~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

oh my that looks intense. Hope your doggie feels better soon too! May the Lord bless the remaining of your week and weekend.

Mary said...

LOL..Every moment is a teaching moment.
BTW...what happened to your puppy? He looks so sad.

Amy said...

Mary.....He got 'fixed' & they don't want him licking down there. LOL!