Friday, March 11, 2011


Yes, yesterday was the big day! Ashley got her braces. Didn't take any time at all. I mean, our appointment was at 2:15pm & by 2:47pm we were back in the van heading home. She was all smiles when she came older couple in the waiting room even commented that her appointment must have gone well because.... just look at her smiling! She had been worried by stuff folks kept telling her about how sore her teeth would be & how she wouldn't feel like doing anything but laying on the couch for about two days. I think that just gets her dander up a little like stuff like that does for me. She's been insisting that they are fine. I did manage to get her to take two tylenol immediately afterwards, but I don't think she's taken anything since.

We hadn't been home long at all when we lost our power. It was raining & thunderstorms in the area along with flash flood, Clay suggested Pizza Hut for supper. Sometimes these spur-of-the-moment adventures can be the best. We all loaded up, including Rocky (because he still has that cone thingie on & twice he's gotten it hung in his mouth trying to get it off & we didn't want him to be alone for that long.) & headed out for some supper. He (Rocky) was such a good boy.....resting in the van while we ate & shopped at Walmart & by the time we got home, our power was back & all was well. Nothing like a fun adventure or two on a RAINY, rainy day!! Memories. ;-)


Y'all please pray for Ashley in the morning......she takes her SAT test for the second time tomorrow. Although she's already been accepted at Liberty, we had already signed up for this & she is hoping to up her scores a bit. Just pray for peace & recall of all that she's been studying. She's done her part in preparing now & I KNOW that God will be faithful!!

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