Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Baby Chicks

New baby chicks & a spur-of-the-moment Girly Sleepover at Sarah's house. That's what my day was all about yesterday. We had been wanting to do another sleepover at Sarah's, but I had to get past Ashley's SAT testing & then it was Spring Break & well, here we are on the other side of all that now......and Sarah just up & said we should come & so we threw some clothes together & headed to the Burg yesterday afternoon.Before we left, Clay had to run to Lowes & he also made a stop to pick up these new baby chicks. So now we'll have 10 hens & a rooster. Yummy eggs....can't wait!


We had a really fun evening hanging out with Maw, Sarah, Anna & Daniel. First up was supper at Chickfila. It was such a perfect Spring evening so we took our food & ate at their outside dining area. After that, it was up to Chris' dorm to deliver a BD cake. It was Chris' room-mate (Damian's) birthday & so we baked him a chocolate cake. You know you can't go wrong delivering a chocolate cake to a dorm room full of guys! LOL! Anna & Daniel especailly got a kick out of going around & knocking on Chris' window to deliver the cake. We had an added treat when we found Ashley C. parked by their window in a camp chair with her laptop. life! ;-) Next, came a stop at Sweet Frog for some frozen yougurt & then it was back to Sarah's for jammies & some movie-watching. The kids camped out in Anna's room & watched episode after episode of Cosby while Maw, Sarah, Ashley & I watched 'Love in the Afternoon' old Audrey Hepburn movie. I'm still humming 'Fascination' LOL!

Had to snap this cute pic of Ashley's giraffe, Mr. Darcy sitting with Daniel's two giraffes, Tommy & Giraffey. We had a leisurely breakfast Wednesday morning (while watching more Cosby) then headed out to some consignment shops. Back to Sarah's where Maw joined us for lunch.....homemade ronis, steamed broccoli & baked apples. YUM! After refueling, we headed out again to hit some more of Sarah's favorite consignment shops & to stop by the 'Amish Store'. We parted ways after that & headed on back home so I would be here in time to fix some supper for my guys. Wouldn't want to think of them having to fend for themselves two nights in a row. GASP! Anyways......don't you just love the last-minute, unplanned, wing-it kind of adventures?! We had the best time......more memories tucked away. ;-)

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Suzanne said...

Oh, how cute! :-D YAY for fresh eggs!