Monday, March 07, 2011

How Many Posts.......

Let's many blog posts can I make in one day? LOL! OK, so for our anniversary date tonight Clay & I went out to eat supper at Texas Roadhouse. He had teasingly told the kids the other day that he was taking me to the Lady Flames basketball game tonight for our anniversary. He really was just kidding, but I thought it would be fun.....not something that we would normally do & so he was really tickled to hear that I wanted to go. We had a really fun time.......TRIED our darndest to catch Daniel a Tshirt with 'Sparky' on the front, but it just didn't happen.
But the highlight of the evening was getting our anniversary picture taken with 'Sparky' himself! What better way to commemorate 24 years together than coming back to LU where it all started. Thanks for a fun evening, Clay! Love you!!

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Sandee said...

What a fun memory y'all created for yourselves. Cute couple!

It's funny because I was worried yesterday when I posted three separate posts on my blog! Some days I can't post at all and others, there is just a ton of "stuff" to share!