Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soggy Sunday

Boy, what a rainy, nasty, chilly day today has been. I am sooooo ready for some sunshine & WARM weather! Here's one of my latest creations.......we just kicked off our month-long cyber crop at ASF & this is one of the LOs I did yesterday. One of the challenges was to use a 5x7 photo.......I've had this one of me & Papaw sitting around for ages & it just all kind of came together yesterday. I LOVE how it turned out!
Had one of those 'Warm Fuzzy Moments' Friday evening. We were sitting there eating supper & Ashley said that someone was walking up through our field coming straight up to the house. Come to find out it was Buddy Woody bringing us some cupcakes that Ena had made along with a Thank-you note for the fresh fish that Clay had given them. He said it was so good & they were able to get two meals out of what we gave them. I just thought that was the sweetest thing.......we are so blessed with good neighbors & family right close by!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

One of my projects that I worked on today.....It was one of the challenges for my 'Book of Me'......a Day in my life. The journaling reads:

~Morning coffee

~school books

~laundry-NEVER done!

~scrapping or chatting with my online pals.

Friday March 3, 07

Happy Easter!!

We are celebrating Easter here at home today...Sarah's kids have been sick & then Alli woke up this morning coughing & carrying on, so thought it best NOT to share our germs around. And can I just say how COLD it is today.....high of about 45, I think. Brrrrrr!
Haven't shared any layouts in a while, so thought I'd post one that I finished yesterday. Been holding on to these pics forever & just finally got around to doing them. When I got that picture of Alli & Cori developed I immediately remembered a picture of ME that was VERY similar & HAD to dig it up. That photo of me was taken at the Family Reunion back in 1967 at Aunt Mamie's....barefooted & sitting on her glider. The one of Alli was also at the family reunion over here at Uncle Skippy's back in 02....barefooted & sitting on their glider. Now, how cool is that?!
Alot going on here these past few weeks.....finishing up school...I now have a HS graduate.....Chris has been taking the GED prep classes since Feb & took his GED test the end of March & passed with flying colors. He scored in the top 5% of HS seniors & even got a perfect score on the reading section!! The boys have been fishing up a storm.....going to Bugg's Island & catching LOTS of Crappie. Sure is yummy to have fresh fish for supper. Then Clay took Jon on the Youth Turkey Hunt yesterday(only for kids aged 15 & under).....they called in a BIG gobbler but he saw them & got spooked. Jon is all pumped up....says that's HIS turkey & he IS going to kill it. He's all ready to go again next week. Also, the boys are playing baseball again this year...both on the same team playing for the Orioles. They have improved so much as a team from last year. Even won their last game 19-1!! Will be posting some ball pictures as soon as I get them done.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hump Day

Lots of talk on my scrapping board about blogs & so I decided to see if I could still access this & start posting again. Today was our regular lunch day with 'the Girls'......everyone met at Chickfila....Maw, Sarah, Ella & I. After lunch, Ella & I went to Old Navy.....trying to find some new jeans for Ashley. Ended up finding a pair of cute jean capris at ON that fit.....a little more than I had wanted to pay, but I guess sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Picked up my most recent rolls of film fromTarget.....have to get ready for our Crop Night at Donna's tomorrow night. Also need to work on a Design Team LO.....the newsletter is going out a few days early, so I need to get busy.