Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Peek into my Art Jouranl.....

Ashley's treat that she got from King's Dominion.Today's 'school' is learning how to use our new smoker....

Clay & Jon split up a bunch of Hickory wood & we are smoking two chickens for supper tonight. It smells SO good outside.....the kids said it smells like the Fall Festival. Mmmmmmm!
OK, here's the beginnings of my art journal. I am having so much fun playing around with this. I have so many ideas floating around in my head all the time & I am so loving looking at all the different blogs I've come across through this.
I started off with the thoughts of keeping a Gratitude/Art journal & realized that this was also a good place to include special scriptures that I come across on a day to day basis that I want to remember or that mean something special to me on a certain day...
This is a combination of water colors & acrylic paints. I absolutely LOVE the way water colors look & the way they 'crumple' the page as they dry.

These two pages were so fun to do....both pages have a base of gesso, a torn page from an old book glued down & kind of painted over. The first side I used an old vintage Valentine cut-out, spritzed some walnut ink all over, stamped the word 'LOVE' & then painted the gold dots with a pencil eraser. The flowers on the pink page were just some scraps of scrapping paper that I had saved....cut them apart & pieced them back together here & then outlined the whole thing with black acrylic paint.

The background for this was done with watercolors & the rest I just borrowed Alli's water based markers & doodled away.

I really like how this one turned out. This was the page shown previously that had been stamped with TP tube dipped in acrylic paint. I went back the other night after my devotions & filled the circles in with several verses about rejoicing/praising the Lord. The next day, I doodled around them all with my black pen & then even later, decided that the whole thing needed some color & so I broke out the water colors & voila! I LOVE it!
Just a bunch of water color painting over gesso....outlined with black pen & just awaiting whatever I decide to do with these pages. It just hasn't hit me yet. LOL

This is another page with acrylic background & then scraps of paper used to piece together my design & black paint outlines the whole thing.
Someone left a half of an apple on the table yesterday & while I was fixing supper I grabbed my paint & painted it & then stamped in my journal. I immediately knew the verse I wanted to use with this.

A couple pieces in the works here. I found this 7 of hearts card & knew I needed to use it somehow to represent our family. So far, I've water colored the background, glued down a piece of a doilie, the card & some buttons. The card has a very thin coat of gesso on it....just enough to give me some 'grip' so I could write......I outlined the hearts & put each one of our initials on a heart. Will see how it all turns out in the end. I LOVE this other little tag that I had saved......the texture of it was like water color paper to begin with so I painted it & now I need to add some cool ribbon or funky fiber to it & see where that takes me.........

LU Monogram

I tried uploading this yesterday & it wouldn't do for whatever reason......try & figure out computers. Bleh!
Anyway, these are pics from last summer when we hiked up there in July....in the 90 degree temps.....like dummies! It was awesome, but WAY TOO HOT! Want do it again here soon.....maybe when the leaves start changing colors. ;-)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Well, it ended up being Back to School today. I had originally planned on starting back today, then 'stuff' got in the way.....hadn't ordered the books I needed yet, was gone to King's Dominion ALL day on Friday, grocery shopping Saturday & I refused to do anything on Sunday....that's my day of rest. So, in my mind I was planning on starting Wed.....that would be perfect, right...the FIRST of Sept....FIRST day of school. Anyway, I ended up getting bored last night & pulled the books out & started working on stuff. Figured we might as well go ahead & get started today. These next two weeks are just gonna be all about getting back into the routine anyway....especially with Aunt Vada & them coming in this Sunday & being here all week getting ready for the Family reunion. So today was strictly math review day. It's amazing....actually kind of funny, really....how rusty you can get over the summer. This morning was spent 'remembering' how to do long division, averaging, finding the area of triangles & so forth & so on. All in all we did pretty good. Plus I actually found Ashley's math book WITH the solutions manual(that was a MUST for me) & test booklet (which I really didn't care about.....as long as I have the solutions manual!!) on ebay......all three books PLUS shipping for UNDER $20. Now, I just need to find the Abeka American History & Cultures book for Jon & I'll be set. I might even just let him go ahead & start on American Govt.....just flip-flop the two....we shall see. I'm sure I can find what I want on ebay or half.com here within the next week or so, so I'm not worried.

I actually sat down & did a little scrapping this afternoon. Love this pic of my little preschool Sunday School kids. Ashley & I help out in the preschool class once a month......it's really cool....they've paired moms & teen girls together so that the teens can get experience serving & working in the church. Ashley really enjoys it. I remember when I was her age.....I LOVED helping out in the nursery....rocking all those precious babies & dreaming of having my own one day! Ok....need to get my booty up from here & start on supper. Actually it's already started....the baked taters are in the oven & the London Broil has been marinating most all day, so it will be ready to go on the grill here in a bit. Will fix a salad & supper will be ready.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

King's Dominion

Frito Lay Company picnic at Kings' Dominion.
Arrrrrrr Matey!

The Dominator

Pics taken from atop the Eiffel Tower.

Michael & Jon getting ready to do the Extreme Sky Flyer
No Way......not me!!

Getting ready

Both of them giving us the 'Thumbs Up!' They LOVED it!

Don't cut those eyes at me, Hunny-Bunny!

Clay, Michael & Jon after riding the Intimidator.....AGAIN!

LOVE this pic that Ashley took of Clay & I!
She's definitely got an 'eye' for photography. ;-)

Clay took this one of me getting ready to go on the Volcano

And last, but not least.......at the end of the day we still had 'Frito Food Bucks' to spend up, so Ashley got a treat at Starbucks....her favorite. ;-) Other than that....we spent the rest of the food bucks on Chickfila sandwiches & just brought them home to have for lunches. I think a really good time was had by everyone!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Senior Year at LU

Can you believe that my 'Baby' is a SENIOR this year at Liberty?! So thankful for the opportunity he's had to attend LU & for the friends he's made....we are just so proud of him!! And to think....next year this time we will be moving Ashley in for her turn at LU. Chris, Aaron, Karch, Damian & Matt

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daisy Wheel & Primrose Dishcloths

Posting this for Granny.......she wanted to see the flower shaped dishcloths I had made. I also made a couple of these & added a loop hanger to them so they could be used as washcloths & hung up in the shower. Throw in a nice bottle of yummy body wash & there you have a nice little inexpensive gift for someone. ;-) I'm also making the little water bottle holders as gifts for all the little girl friends & cousins for Christmas this year. Add a cute little water bottle & a box of the little individual flavored drink mixes & there's another cute inexpensive gift idea.
The dishcloths were free patterns that I picked up Michaels or you can find them here.

Art Jouranl Fun

First of all I just HAD to share this adorable pic of the puppy & 'his boy'. Michael was playing a game & Rocky had climbed up in his lap & gone to sleep. Michael called me to come & bring my camera & of course when I came, Rocky had to wake up & POSE for me.I've been totally enjoying all the art journaling techniques that are being shared this week at Balzer Designs...... Below are some of my creations using acrylic paint & an empty TP tube.
I know we're talking art journals here....but I had these packs of blank cards & envies & thought it would be fun to lay down some backgrounds to have on hand & then I can embellish however I want when whenever I'm ready to make/send a card.

And here is just a very basic stamped LO in my art journal. Will add to this later on......I just did the paint stamping part yesterday & thought I'd share. I'm having so much fun doing this & Ashley is loving all the stuff she sees me looking at online. I betya I'll have her keeping an art journal before ya know it. ;-) Just seems natural for these artistic kids of mine. Alli would probably love it too....truth be told. Maybe this could be a great art class for the school year this fall. Hmmmmmm..............

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Few Layouts

Just some of my most recent creations....Love these pics of Charlie....he's something else! Laid out in the chair, with an afghan spread over him & the remote at his 'fingertips'.....LOL! Thought this patterned paper was just perfect with the little bird & the title word 'Bird'......& the dictionary page that I used has the definition of 'Catbird' circled. ;-)Just a quick LO of Ashley & Woody...

Michael's 13th birthday pics. I used a template to do the title word 'teen' & then spliced it down the middle & wrote 'thirteen' through the center of it.

This LO of Alli & Cori jumping on the trampoline was a total lift from 'Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks' mag. I made the background by laying a doilie on the paper & spritzing with walnut ink.....creating a mask. I really like how it turned out!
'He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God & being fully convinced that what He had promised He was able to perform.'
Romans 4:20-21

Super Chicken

Rocky loves playing with his Super Chicken toy that Clay got him. (He spoils him so!) This crazy chicken will 'cock-a-doodle-do' every time you throw it.....it's hilarious!

Ashley & I had our turn in the pre-school class this past week...
We were excited that Taylor & Jesse were there with us. They were lining up to show off their pin-wheels that we made for craft time. Don't you just love all those 'cheesey' grins!

Last night the girls from church had a 'Girl's Night Out' at La Caretta.....kind of one last fling before school starts back. Sandi was there too.....she dropped Cassady off & ran up to church to load soda pop & water bottles into the new drink cooler in the teen's room & then came back. We had such an awesome time fellowshipping together. These girls are terrific! Brittany had already left at this point but we still had to get a picture to document the evening.
Ashley, Erika, Emily, Andrea & Cassady

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rootin' Tootin' Round-Up

It's Round Up time at Cookin' up Creations...so Saddle up pardners and join us as we bring back some old challenges and put a new "Brand" on them. The Design Team will host a cyber crop during the weekend of August the 27th-29th. They will share with you some of their favorite challenges that have been posted here at CUC, and will put their "brand" on them. There will be lots of scrapping, lots of games & challenges, and most importantly "prizes", let's not forget the prizes!! So mark your calendars and plan to join us, as it'll be a rip roarin', boot stompin' good time.....Yee Haw!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Pictures

Just playing catch-up again with some of the pics I've taken over the past few days.I don't know......don't ask.......
For whatever reason, Jon plopped his foot up on the table the other night & Ashley started drawing on it??????

Right outside of my computer window.

Yeah, I'm cool!

I walked down to put some cards in the mailbox on Saturday & took a little walk & took some pics.....I just love all the Queen Anne's Lace!

Right across from our mailbox

Looking up across the field to the row of cedars that go along the old front driveway.

looking toward the pond from down at the bottom of our drive

Cool little butterfly that I spotted on the driveway. I love how it blends in with the color of the rocks. Looks like some of those 'Red Arizona' rocks! LOL

Poe has gotten his butt whooped by Eddy Daryl one too many times & so now he hangs out down near the hay barn. He was so happy to see me when I walked down that way!

Frank & Spud were happy to see me. Love that bottom pic of Frank with his ears flapping & his mouth open......he was telling me a thing or two.

The old pump over near the dog lot
A little 'triangle' of kitties

I have absolutely NO green thumb at all & so I'm very proud of these two plants! This is one of the geraniums that we got at church on Mother's Day.....

....and this is the mint plant that Sarah gave me a sprig of awhile back. It has really gone to town & I love it! By the way.....that's Eddy Daryl....the butt-whooper in the background.

Abby had done something to hurt her leg Saturday & was curled up just resting. She's feeling much better now.