Monday, July 29, 2013

Busy Week

I've had a super busy week & I just decided I'm going to make one ginormous post & fill you in on what's been going on with us.
Last Sunday, after meeting Ella & picking Alli up (she had spent the weekend with Cori)...Jon, Alli & I made an impromptu visit to the DeMoss building. Jon realized that neither Alli nor I had seen the roof top of DeMoss since it was finished & he wanted to show us.
On our way up to the roof top, I enjoyed the art work found in the hallways.
Looking down on the court yard. Back in our day, there was a gigantic American flag in the center & the courtyard was circled by flags from all the different countries that were represented there at Liberty.
The new Jerry Falwell Library which is expected to be open by Spring semester.
As you can kiddos were drawn to the water on this really HOT afternoon.


Monday was Jon's Summer Orientation. After our morning session & then lunch.....Jon went off to the student group sessions. Clay & I played hooky & skipped out on the parent session......after sitting through it twice already, we just really didn't feel the need. So, we meandered around campus & did a little reminiscing.
My old stomping grounds. Which we were told is getting ready to be torn down. Sad to see the old buildings go....but so exciting to see all that they have planned for the future! 
Toward the end, we were really getting tired. Clay had worked all day the day before & I had been running here & yonder doing a million different things. So we found ourselves a nice couch in the corner of DeMoss & parked ourselves to wait for Jon. Of course I was prepared with a little crochet that I had stuck in my bag. I whipped up three of these cute little coasters that day.
On Wednesday, we celebrated Michael's 16th birthday. What a blessing & a joy he is to our family. He has such a funky sense of humor & is always making us laugh. After mentioning his funky sense of humor, I don't think there is much more explanation needed about that stuffed possum. Just something I ran across one day while having lunch at Cracker Barrel with the girls & I fell in love with it. We all agreed that Michael would LOVE it & as you can see by his expression, it was indeed a hit! By the way....the possum's name is Mort.
....And some golf books. As you might guess, Michael is VERY much into golf & he's REALLY good. He's been poring over these books ever since.
And last, but not least.....Somewhere along the way last week....I don't even remember what day now.....but I finished up my Funky Granny Sampler bath mat.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out! But I almost think it's too pretty to have everyone wiping their wet feet on. LOL
That's my first time using that 'Dotted' edging & I really like the look. Will definitely be using that again.
 Now to recount some of my blessings from the past week:
Continuing to count beautiful blessings......

* Getting the power back on after being FIVE hours without any * sunshine after the storm * ice cream treats from the Dairy Isle * My fun adventure with Jon & Alli * Good Books--'Sophie's Dilema' by Lauraine Snelling * Summer Orientation--no rain--fun day---thank you, God, for LU! * A day of REST * Vito's pizza for Michael's BD supper *


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Learn Nothing Day

Did you know that it's 'Learn Nothing Day' today? Just TRY & see if you can go all day without learning If you didn't know that today was 'Learn Nothing Day' you do & that means you've already blown it by learning that new little tid-bit of information. Ha!
I blew it right away this morning by learning about a new crochet pattern that I really MUST try. And then Michael opened his birthday presents. He got a little Dollar bin book filled with fun facts about each of the 50 states. And he got a stuffed opossum which had a little tag attached that told all about opossums & he read that aloud to us all while we ate breakfast.
So, see......we are always learning. And it doesn't have to happen in a classroom.....between 9am & the time span between August & May...sitting in a desk..... & it doesn't have to come from a textbook.
Stepping down from my soap box & shutting up now.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Art--Alli's, Mine & God's

So, before my day gets away from me....I wanted to post a few pictures of yesterday's craftiness.
The last granny square I finished up.
I was shooting for 15 squares to make my funky bath mat....because that's how many that were used in the picture that I saw. But, after laying them out on this old bath mat...I decide to go with just 8. Once I seam them together & do a border, it should be just about the right size. I already got three squares seamed together last night while watching TV.
Here we have just a total spur-of-the-moment project. I had picked up the cute little plastic green container/bag at the dollar store thinking it would be just perfect to tote my currnet project in. But I really hated the handles. They were hard & extremely sharp on my fingers....I was constantly afraid I was going to cut myself.
So, here's the quick & easy solution. I just single crocheted around the handle in some blue cotton yarn. Easy-peasy & much gentler on the fingers now.
Just a couple of quick paintings that Alli has done. And I really do mean QUICK! She can whip these out in no time. I'm always in awe!
I just love this one. So precious!!
My artwork pales in comparison to Alli's.....but what can I say? It's relxing & I enjoy it so I guess that's what's important.
Check out the fog this morning! You couldn't even see out past the garden!
And.....a few snapshots of God's handiwork.
Pretty amazing, huh?! That spider web was so pretty glistening with dew! Only Almighty God can come up with something so beautiful!

Continuing to count beautiful blessings......

*ice*COLD water on a hot day* front porch sitting*Jon got off work early this 4:45am & Clay was up getting ready for work, so he went & got him* a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit from hubby for my breakfast this morning! *


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

What's funny is that I almost entitled this post 'Terrific Tuesday'. Sheesh, I'm not sure where my brain is sometimes. LOL!
A few art jouranl pages to share today....I actually used real ivy to trace this border & can't remember where I found the feather. 'We are more than conquerors, we don't have to be afraid, nothing is as powerful as His love.' --aaron shust
Copied somewhat from an image I found online.
This one was a journal prompt that I found in a trace/outline whatever was in your pockets or bag. I pulled random items from my purse & started tracing away. Will probably go back & eventually add some color. I like color.
I did the same here with the clover as I did with the ivy. Traced the real thing & then colored & added the verse. 'Then I was constantly at His side. I was filled with delight day after day rejoicing always in His presence.' Prov. 8:30 (NIV)

Alli was googling different kinds of braids. She taught me how to do a five-strand braid for her & then she found this one that is a french braid (like to get her bangs back) around & then swooped up into a bun.
She wasn't totally pleased with this first attempt.....although I thought she did really well for her first time.
So, she went back & spritzed her hair with water....just damp enough to make it easier to braid.
She was able to get a tighter braid that she felt would really stay put & this time she didn't do the bun....just continued the braid on down the back. It's really pretty!


Continuing to count beautiful blessings......

Clay & the boys got our leak fixed out on the back porch*Justin Kintzel sang at church Sunday*my kitchen fan--a lifesaver in the summer with no AC* steaks on the grill* icecream for dessert* Chris had a safe trip to NC over the weekend*the coolness of the morning before it gets so HOT*
Boiled peanuts for a treat*orange chigger weed out in the field--so pretty*Chips & salsa from the Frito Co. store--.50 bags of Santitas. Thank You, Jesus!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Something About That Name

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
There's just something about that name
Master, Savior, Jesus
Like the fragrance after the rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let all Heaven and earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms shall all pass away
But there's something about that name
I just read this recent blog post by Jenifer which you can read HERE.  Talking about the gentle power in the name of Jesus & how when we speak His name we bring heaven down.
Well, I experienced this first hand this morning. Our pet bunny, Jonsie was getting on up in years for a rabbit & he had a stroke the other day. Alli has been googling info & taking such good care of him. I'm SO proud her. But this morning he woke us up whimpering & making that distress call that rabbits make. She tried to give him some water & when he wouldn't take it, I just knew. He kind of struggled & as she sat caressing him, comforting him, I remembered reading Jenifer's post & I just began to pray & quietly sing this song. Asking Jesus to be merciful.....both to Jonsie & my sweet 14 yr. girlie. And I watched, before my very eyes, as Jonsie calmed & then just stopped breathing. It was amazing the peace I felt. We're sad that he's gone, but also glad to know he's not suffering anymore.

Up in the Morning...

'Up in the morning stirring around
Drink a pot of coffee and I head off to town...'
That song was going through my head this morning as I headed out to pick Jon up from work.
Taken from my bathroom window upstairs as the sun was coming up.
Early morning Main St. in Lovingston.....kinda quiet.
Back home now....Chris has gone to work & Jon has gone to bed....the others are still sleeping & I SHOULD be taking my shower & doing some chores instead of sitting here piddling on the computer.
Cool mushrooms I found over by my grapevine. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Monday, Monday

'Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be'
Couldn't help it...trying to think of a nifty title for my post & this is what popped into my head. Now, my kids are thinking I've lost my mind because I'm listening to the Mamas & the Papas on Spotify. LOL!
OK, so much for my nifty that it's Tuesday when I finally get a chance to sit down in peace & finish my post. Oh well....that's how my life is right now....B.U.S.Y.....just hopping along from one thing to the next. Not able to plan too far ahead, but it's all good, right?!
 Enjoying a LARGE iced coffee (courtesy of my Jon-boy) Sunday afternoon. Very refreshing on a hot summer day.
A few dish cloths that I've made recently. I found that cute little star pattern & had all good intentions of whipping up a few in time for the 4th.......Well.....that didn't quite happen, but anyway. I think I'm going to start NOW & make a few of these in Christmas colors & have them ready for gift-giving in a few months.
Below, are some more squares going into my pile for my quirky country bathmat. 
And....a few art journal pages.....
This is one of those rare times that I took a picture of a page 'in progress'. I had used a new stencil to do these cool yellow circles....figured I'd share a picture here & then come back later with the finished page.
Who knew it would come together so quickly. Jon saw it laying on the table & said he really liked my did I do it?
First of all, I grabbed a red pastel & outlined each circle....then took a paper towel & kind of smudged that....resulting in the cool purpley-orange color. Then I just took my fat white Sharpie paint pen & did some more outlining & doodling. So quick & easy & yet, I really love the finished look!

Continuing to count beautiful blessings......
*Chris brought me some bacon home from work that was on sale for $2.25! * Orange Day Lilies * A letter from Miss Carol & another one from Sandee * FREEDOM * morning texts from Clay when he's working * Clay took Jon to work last night at 11pm AND he picked him up again this morning at 6:30am----what a sweetheart!