Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just a quiet day at home today. Especially since we already had our Halloween party last week at Maw's house & did Scaremare Thursday night. I did have a few little candy treats for the kids......which for the most part were eaten BEFORE breakfast this morning. Afterwards there were some Halloween movies that we watched & I did some crocheting. I took a break from Alli's granny squares this afternoon to start a new project for ME. I'm about 4 large squares shy of being ready to seam her blanket together & so I just wanted something different for a while.

I'm making myself a cowl scarf....using the 'Forever 21 Infinity' pattern that I found HERE.

It's such a simple pattern, yet very pretty. I'm also tyring out the crochet hook that Jon made for me. The first row felt a little funny to me, but after that it's been pretty smooth going so far. Will post some 'Ta-Dah' pictures when I'm done.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Days & Scaremare

The leaves on my front steps
The kids had raked up a pile of leaves in the front yard. I don't think you ever get too old to play in the leaves.
Another one of Alli's drawings.....'I Love Lucy'
Thursday night Ella & I took the kids to Scaremare.....our fall tradition now. We had such a fun time. It's Scaremare's 40th anniversary & so they added a second building to go through. The old warehouse. It was ok....the best part was the big blow-up slide we went down at the end. Then you continued on to the trail through the woods & went through the old house as usual. Alli & Cori decided to have some fun this year & scream & act scared. It was a hoot! We were behind the girls & they most certainly DO go after the ones that are screaming & that they think are scared. Good times, I tell ya.....good times!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Journal pages & the Fall View

Scraps of two different envies glued down here along with an old receipt. Painted & stamped & then journaled.
Pieces of scrapbooking paper, a piece of an old pattern, some stamping, doodling, grunging. Then I added some sticker flowers & some glitter glue.
'God doesn't call the qualified----he qualifies the called.'
Never did come back to this one just yet.....I stamped some journaling spots with an old paper towel tube. Love how the paint kind of splattered here & there.
'Don't stop to think....just keep drawing'
This page has ALOT going on. Paint, layers....I added those fern punchies across the top & then didn't like how it looked, so I scraped some white paint over it. Guess every page doesn't have to be a masterpiece. I stamped the verse with my favorite 'ransom' stamps....'Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.' Rom. 12:2
This is another one of Alli's salvaged works of art. I cut out the design, spliced it down the middle so it could go across both pages & then added some of her other little doodles for accents.
The colors just don't show up like in real life. I know the pictures were taken mid-afternoon when the sun's at it's brightest, but was just such a gorgeous fall day....I couldn't help but snap a few pictures.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Party

We had our Homeschool Halloween Party at Maw's house today. We were going to do it next week....a little closer to Halloween, but the girlies (the teen-age ones) asked if we could do it today.....because Taylor Swift's new cd came out today & they both wanted to go to Target & get it. Miss Alli-Cat has been a working fool around here for the past two weeks working to earn money for this cd. I've had my laundry washed & folded, dishes done & she even vacuumed my van the other day. Seriously, this girl got Jon to take ALL the seats out so she could vacuum. She definitely earned this new cd.
Before the party started
Zombie Bride & bridesmaid......I see a future at Scaremare here.
Taylor Swift
Snow White & an Angel
Luke Skywalker, Mario & Camo Man
Getting a little silly.....
....and sillier still.....
They're 'Swifties'.......Taylor Swift fans.
 Sunday afternoon Ashley & a bunch of her friends went to Johnson's Apple Orchard. I loved this picture with the big Johnny Appleseed.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slender Man & Poe

Slender Man generally appears (in modern times) as a tall man in a black or grey suit, red or black tie, and white shirt, with no eyes, mouth, or clearly defined facial features. It has no hair, and generally has normal-looking bare hands. Slenderman typically is depicted in imagery and literature as between 6 and 15 feet tall, depending on the situation, and in video as around 6-7 feet tall. Because of its inexact nature, and differences between series, no one has yet determined what it is
Leave it to my boys to build their own version of Slender Man. They put him up down by the chicken pen in hopes that when Chris came home from work, his car lights would hit just right & he'd see Slender man over there in the shadows.
Then Jon put together his own Slender Man costume & went out to hide in the 'Bug Tree' to try & scare Chris when he got out of his car. Didn't go over too well. First of all Chris didn't even notice the Slender Man down by the chicken pen & when he got out of his car, he heard Jon rustling the leaves. It was a fun thought....and Jon's costume was really pretty good.....just never did get a good picture of him in it. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get some good costume pictures tomorrow at our Halloween party.
Usually it's Alli's artwork I'm sharing with y'all, but this is Jon's drawing that he finsihed up today of Edgar Allen Poe. He did it totally with a ball point pen. I am so impressed! God has blessed my kiddos with amazing talents!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The CAT ate my homework...........

Ahhh, the life of a college student. Getting pushed up & down the halls of your dorm in a Big Lots shopping cart. Someone on the floor found the cart on it got there, I have no idea.....but anyway, it ended up on Ashley's hall.
Ok, so the cat didn't exactly eat the homework.....but he did decide that math was NOT his favorite subject & did a number on several pages.
A little scotch tape & we're good as new.
Check out the awesome mail I got today! Not only was I giddy to sit out on the front porch & read the newsy letter from Sandee.....but I am definitely saving this envelope. You be on the look-out, just might see your artwork in my journal in the near future. I love it! Keep the mail coming!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Little of This & a Little of That....

I haven't cross-stitched in forever, but I saw this awesome Halloween cross-stitch magazine & fell in love! I just HAD to buy it. So, this is my first project. A little decoration for Ashley to hang up in her dorm room.
Alli pulled out her water colors the other night & started messing around....doing some abstract art. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not, so I told her NOT to crumple it up & throw it away....if she didn't want it she could please give it to me. I'm sure he will find his way into my art journal.
Speaking of Alli's art work in my art journal.....I ran across this old picture she had drawn me for Thanksgiving back in 2009. I cut it apart & used it in my journal.
Just a spread with some doodling. Seems I had some kind of circle theme going on. Lots of sharpie love.
Notice the date.....10*11*12.....I hadn't even noticed until someone on some blog pointed it out. Thought that was pretty cool. Paper layers & then lots of acrylic paint.
Watercolor base.....I was cleaning up Alli's little paint tray after her dog-painting session & decided just to dip my brush in some water & spread what was left on my journal page. No waste. ;-) Next I added a note that Ashley had written to Clay.....I love saving everyone's handwriting. Wrote my journaling on a little journaling spot & added it  in with some washi tape. Then I pulled out some of my faom stamps & my acrylic paints & stamped the date & those flowers. Oh & notice the saved postage stamp down in the bottom left corner.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Fun & Answered Prayers!

Took my Girlie back to school this afternoon. While in town, we just had to make a run by the Halloween Store. Didn't buy anything, of course, but the kids had fun looking around & trying on different masks.

Alli didn't try any on.....germs & all, ya know. It is kind of icky when you really stop & think about how many people try these on. 

On a totally different note....for some reason this past Friday, Ella, Maw & I were talking about praying & how we 'Have not, because we ask not'. I told them how I had just personally had a prayer answered like that on Wednesday. I just REALLY wanted pizza for supper. Just sounded good to me.....selfish, yes.....but I was honest & prayed. I also knew that the kids had really had it in their minds to have pizza when Ashley came home on break & it was just one of those things that would make for a sweet family memory. In the end, God answered my prayer when Clay called to say that he & Ashley would stop & bring Vitos pizza home for supper that evening. Thank You, Jesus! 

Then today, I had another prayer answered 'because I asked.' Jon has been wanting an LU hoodie for a year now. I got him one last year, but the sleeves were just a tad short for him. So I took it back & exchanged it for a larger size. But that was just TOO big. The third time around, I took him with me, but he just couldn't find one that fit/ that he liked/that didn't cost a small fortune. So we waited.....all through the summer & now that the weather has gotten cooler he's been non-stop letting me know that he NEEDS his LU hoodie. So, since we were going to take Ashley back to school today, he asked if we couldn't just at least stop by the bookstore & look around & he could try some on to see what we might find. I prayed before we left......God knew that we've been on the hoodie search for a year now & that Jon really wanted one AND needed one.
Don't you know that not only did he find one that he liked & fit, but IT WAS ON SALE too! 25% off!! All I can say again is Thank you, Jesus! I love how he cares about our everyday & even sometimes selfish prayers.