Monday, September 27, 2010


Just a few of my most recent layouts.
I did this one this afternoon......a quick LO with snaps from Ashley's BD afternoon in downtown Lynchburg along with a yummy coffee break at Starbucks.

Ashley's BD lunch at Depot Grill

Ashley & some of the girls from last summer fling before school got underway. Supper at La Caretta in Madison Heights.

My crazy boys.....taken last year when we hiked up to the LU monogram.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Road Trip

The Sunday after the Reunion we loaded up & headed to NC to visit Clay's folks & to meet Brian & Amy's newest addition, Eli. This was Rocky's first REAL trip of any distance & he was a super traveler!

He loved riding, but I think his favorite part was stopping at McDonald's for lunch & eating all the fries the kids would drop for him.....accidentally, of course! LOL

Meet little Eli Bunner. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Eli & Uncle Clay

Brian, Eli & Amy

Taken from the back deck....


Monday we headed to Concord Mills for some shopping. So glad I always have my camera in my purse. Who knew shopping could be so much fun!?

The girls in the Disney Store with Mad Hatter wigs/hats on.

In the Halloween store.....Michael with his dreadlocks
These are my two beautiful daughters....LOL comment!
Alli sporting some dreads of her own.

After shopping & lunch, we headed over to visit Papaw at his frame shop. Below are a couple of the kids' favorite paintings that they saw.

I especially LOVED this one of Grandpa Bunner's house in Indiana. He gave us another painting very similar to this one....just done from a different angle. What a treasure to have!

I know the sun was at a terrible angle for this shot, but I HAD to get one of the kids standing under Papaw's flag outside his shop. I have one taken under this flag way back several years ago when the kids were smaller & Grandpa Bunner was still alive & visiting too.

Papaw took this one for us.
And a peek inside Papw's shop.

Fortune/Purvis Family Reunion

Saturday, September 11,2010 we celebrated our annual Family Reunion over at Uncle Skippy's house. It was awesome weather....folks actually wore jackets especially in the late afternoon/evening. A welcome break from the heat & humidity we had been having! I must say that we REALLY missed Sandee & just wasn't the same without you guys. ;-)Aunt Linda's famous pound cake.
Maw (Kathy) & Linda

Clay & my cousin on Pop's side of the family, Kyle Hendricks

Skippy & Maw......she looks a little tired, doesn't she?

David Purvis & his band
My BIL, David Bennett joined in on the keyboard

After lunch, the kids walked over to the house to check on Rocky & bring him to the reunion to meet everyone.

Alli, Anna & Ashley...............
gosh, I remember a pic VERY similar to this, taken on this very front porch, but it was Sarah, Mari & Chrissy.........a whole new generation now!

Kristi & Baby Milly

The Hendricks cousins:
Me, Kyle & Sarah

Alli was sketching a pic of Anna while Delia watched

I was amazed at how Cora was able to zonk right there in the middle of everything.....folks talking, the band playing & look at her just a-snoozin' away.

Alli, Katelyn, Anna & Daniel were enjoying a little peace & quiet out under Uncle Skippy's apple trees.

Ashley's Birthday

Happy 17th birthday to my Ashley-Girl! Her BD was on the 9th & again, I'm playing catch-up with my blog & pictures because of our crummy internet service. (And in the words of Forrest Gump.....that's all I have to say about that!)Ashley is in an Audrey Hepburn mode right now......she got a cool poster (like the one Shae has on her dorm room wall, Inger), A big book about Audrey's life & the 3 disc movie set which includes: Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffanies & Roman Holiday. After opening presents we set out on our birthday adventures for the day. It was off to downtown Lynchburg to the Depot Grille to meet the aunts & cousins for a Girly Lunch.

The waitress was so sweet & offered to take this pic for us. L to R: Daniel, Sarah, Maw, Ashley, Amy, Aunt Linda, Aunt Vada, Cora, Alli, Kristi, Anna & Baby Milly in her seat.

After ordering our lunch, Ashley flipped the menu over & noticed that the menu was designed by Matt Tyree......he goes to church with us & plays in the worship band on Sunday mornings. He does free lance graphic design.

Outside after lunch.....

Aunt Linda & Maw talking outside the old Depot.

Loved these cool flowere pots out in front of Amazement Square! There's just a metal rod inserted in the big planter on the ground & then the other pots are just inserted onto the rod through the bottom drain holes & they automatically tip to the sides like that. Such a cool & simple thing to do.

After lunch, we just walked around a bit downtown & took some pictures......

Loved this mosaic that they were working on.....the kids thought it was awesome!
After our downtown adventures.....we had an afternoon coffee treat at Starbucks. Then it was over to Maw's to get ready for our Birthday cook-out that evening. Clay & the boys came up.....Chris & Ashley C. came over & later on...after supper, Aunt Vada, Johnny, Kristi & Cora dropped by.

My 17 year old Birthday Girl! Isn't she beautiful?!

The Two Ashleys
Ashley Cates & Ashley Bunner

Ashley C. & you can see, my girls love Ashley to death!

Uncle Johnny Bowl

A new devotional book from Maw....

Love this pic of Ashley & Anna...........poor Anna was SO was LATE & she had been partying all day long. Kind of a sweet pic to end off a very special day!