Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garden Planting

Well, today was finally the the tiller running & everyone headed out to the garden to get to work. Michael raked......

Jon tilled.....

Everyone planted........Jon & Michael planted potatoes....a couple different kinds, I think. And the girls did the onions, broccoli, lettuce & brussel sprouts. Got everything down that we can for now......until about May.

Once Upon A Time......

There Lived 2 Beautiful Princesses....I had had a couple pieces from this paper line, 'Once Upon A Time' from DCWV, a while back & really liked it. So, when I ran across this stack of paper at Target the other day fro $4, I snatched it up. The above photos are of Ashley holding Ma-Lady....our 'Grandma Cat' who just had kittens & Alli is holding Bootsie-Bob.....back in 2002.

Another quick LO using these papers.....from my student teaching time in Mrs. Hammer's kindergarten class at Tomahwak Elementary School back in 1986. The journaling reads: Once Upon A Time......there was a young girl who loved children & had a dream of teaching one day. Little did she know then that God had a different type of classroom in mind for her. The classroom of life...centered in her very own home where she would teach 5 of the most awesome students ever....her own kids!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Kitties & a New Sawmill

Yesterday we realized that we hadn't seen Ma-Lady all day & figured that she must've had her kittens. We knew she looked like she was ready to pop & said that we bet she'd have them this week. So, Michael & Alli took off down to the barn (that's where she ALWAYS has her kittens) & sure enough...they were back up the hill in no time saying that she had 6 babies in an old tire down in the barn.
Nothing like a neighborhood project for the men...LOL. The old sawmill roof caved in this past winter with all that heavy snow we had & so they are in the process of rebuilding now.
Below are Skippy, Clay, Mason, David & Paul

Takes alot of gabbing to get a project done around here, ya know!

Ashley, Alli & I went for a walk this afternoon. It was really windy today, but still nice.

Between their gab sessions they did manage to get some work done today.

'You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You.'
~Isaiah 26:3~

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bunny Ears

My two girlies sporting their brand new Bunny Ears!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shopping & Starbucks

The girls & I headed out yesterday for a little shopping. Ashley was needing to find an Easter outift...Alli already had her dress. We hit the mall first because I had to return a pair of shoes for Clay then we met up with Maw, Sarah & the kids for a little coffee break at Starbucks. Yum! After Starbucks, we headed across the road to Target. Found some really good bargains while we were there yesterday. Ashley found her a dress for Easter, I got a pad of scrapping paper for $4, some Target brand granola bars....some for Chris to take back to school & some for the food pantry at church....49 cents a box & best of all was the first two seasons of 'I Love Lucy' on dvd that I stumbled across for only $15! Ashley was SO tickled. We all love Lucy & she had been wanting to find a good deal on the seasons to buy. So, this made for a nice early Easter treat. As we were getting ready to check out at Target I got a call from Clay. He & the boys had decided to make a trial run of sorts with the boat....just going to Monacan Park...not too far away. Anyway, he noticed the truck was overheating & was able to pull over.....on the side of 29 right before they got to Amherst High School. Thank goodness he caught us right before we left & I was able to pick him up some antifreeze & water. What an adventure.....when we got there & he poured water into the truck, he was able to see that a hose had busted. So, off we go....BACK to town to get a new hose......then back to sit on the side of the road while he fixed the hose.....all this with cars whizzing by us at 70 mph!

Finally got the hose fixed up & then we followed them home to make sure they made it safe & sound. I tell ya.....what an ending to our day! It was nearly 8pm by the time we ate some supper. Always need a little adventure in your life to keep things interesting...LOL ;-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This layout of Charlie was done for Jen's Lift Challenge. Should've posted the original here too, but I forgot. Alli took this pic of the expression on his face.And this one of Anna & Daniel was also done for a challenge. Patti's Recipe Challenge. We had to use 3 patterned papers, 3 embellies & a 3 word title.
This 3D Christmas tree was lifted from the Feb. 2010 issue of Scrapbooks etc. Thought it was perfect for this pic of them in front of their tree.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My latest Scrapiness

Over at Cookin' Up Creations, I signed up for the 'Telephone Tag' challenge. Patti usually starts things off by choosing a LO & sending it to the first player who lifts that LO & then sends it back to Patti. She then sends THAT LO on to the next player & they lift it & so forth & so on. When we're all done she will post the original LO & then all the others that have been lifted along the way. It's really cool to see all the different elements that get copied from LO to LO. Here is the layout that Patti sent me...............
And here's my take on it.

Just a photo of my Brother-in-law with his new little son, Eli. I snagged this pic from his facebook & just HAD to scrap it. Can't wait to meet Eli in person!!

This was done for my BOM challenge this week.....I still need to add the title & journaling.
The challenge was to do a LO about the People Who Have Influenced Me....and I don't know of any two people who have influened me more than Maw & Pop. I loved this pic of them taken at the fire tower above Dutch Creek back in Oct. 1966. Playing with my new scanner again....I enhanced the colors & cropped it a tad. Love how it turned out!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

PineCone Press

Here are my most recent DT creations using the awesome 'Garden Party' line from PineCone Press.I love these pics of me in my bikini when I was 18 months old. I didn't want to scrap the originals so I played around with my new scanner. Scanned & enhanced the old photos (really helped to bring out the color in them....they were pretty faded) then printed them out & used the copies on my page.
Gibbs & her siblings just chillin' on the afghan. Loved all these cute little punch-outs....the frame & title & the flowers & journaling spots were cut out from another piece of paper.

I used the wrapper off her big ole chocolate bar as background paper on this LO. This child is definitely my 'chocoholic'. ;-)

Loved this cute little trifold card base that came in our kits. I totally copied this card from the little idea booklet that was included in our kits. Such cute, cute ideas!

One of the two birthday cards made for my twin niece's that just turned 18 yesterday.
Happy Birthday
Brittany & Christie!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cleaning & Worship

I corinthians 10:31- .....whatsoever you do, do ALL to the glory of God!
This verse came to mind today as we have all been on a major cleaning mission getting ready for Chris to come home on Spring Break tomorrow afternoon. I was dusting here in the dining room & had the tunes cranked up cleaning & worshipping.......
The Lord reigns, let the people shout
He reigns in righteousness
Let the heavens be glad
Let the earth rejoice
The Lord reigns, let the people clap their hands
Angels shout, "the redeemed have come to dance"
To celebrate, to celebrate
He reigns
The Lord reigns, the Lord reigns
The Lord reigns, we will sing and shout
You reign, You reign
You reign, forever King of all
Let all the people sing of
Your awesome power in all the earth
Let darkness tremble at Your name
Why do the nations rage when
The King is on His throne
Now and forever You will reign

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little early......

Just ran across this picture this afternoon....from Aunt Linda & Uncle Dale's wedding reception.March 23, 1968
Me...I was the flower girl
Sherri & Lisa Ward.....Uncle Dale's sisters.
Wishing y'all a Happy Anniversary just a tad early!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March Goodness

For the month of March... the Cookin' Up Creations Design Team is proud to create lots of "lovely goodness" with products from not one but TWO very generous Sponsors!!! Please be sure to check the forum and blog OFTEN for new reveals.

We are also thrilled that there will be TWO live chats and everyone is welcome to attend (access to the chat room is given upon a quick site registration).

**The first chat will be with Shelly Maxwell of Sweet Tooth Scrapbooking. This chat is scheduled for Thursday the 11th of March at 9:00pm EST

**The second chat will be with Debra Jennis of Pinecone Press. This chat has been scheduled for Wednesday the 24th of March at 9:00pm EST.

PLEASE come join us at Cookin' Up Creations for these chats. They're fantastic, fun, and FREE... What a great way to get to know more about these products, not to mention the inspiration and ideas that you will also gain!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

23 Years Ago....

I married the most awesome guy in the whole world!! He was off work yesterday & we were able to go out to eat last night for our anniversary dinner. We went to Red Lobster & did a little bit of shopping at the mall...mostly just looking for shoes as Jon needed a new pair & of course we had to hit Walmart on the way home to get boat/fishing supplies because well, it's that time of year, ya know. What a romantic end to our date night. LOL!! When we got home last night this is what we found........
The girls had decorated the kitchen.....hand-painted banner, hearts, cards & even a puffy balloon made from aluminum foil. Ashley wrote the sweetest note in our card about how glad she was that we were still in love...especially with so many couples splitting up these days...& how she prayed that one day when she was older that she would find someone to love her like Clay & I love each other. Talk about making me cry!! What a precious, precious girl! And if all that wasn't enough....they had coffee waiting for us too! Do we have amazing kids or what?

And BTW.......I love you, Clay-Baby!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

That Thing I Do.....

This week's 'Book of Me' challenge at Cookin' Up creations is all about 'Those Things That You Do'. Whether it be a hobby, sport, shopping, eating, whatever!Of course I chose to highlight my hobby of scrapping. I NEED to do a page also about my crocheting...maybe I can squeeze a second LO in this weekend. And what I LOVE the most about this LO is the fact that I used my new scanner/printer......took this photo just this morning with this LO in mind...stuck my memory card into the scanner/printer & printed my picture right then & there. How awesome is that?! I KNOW Ashley & I are gonna enjoy this new 'toy' of ours!! Gotta love that hubby that bought this particularly with US in mind.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Card Challenge

Just a quick little card I made for Jan's Friday Card Challenge over at CUC.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Trying Out...

the new scanner....just a few of my most recent creations....Chris' 21st birthday celebration at Maw's house. I just realized that I cut the top of the layout off.....There's a big '21' up there in the right hand corner.
Family photo shoot this past Christmas.

Gibbs all cozied up on the wood pile in front of the wood stove.

Alli right after she got her ears pierced & 6 weeks later when she got to take the studs out & wear her new silver hoop earrings that she got for Christmas.

Maw's Surprise Party

OK, finally a few pics from my camera. I didn't end up getting very many good's so hard to visit & welcome guests & try & get all the photos I wanted to get, so I finally just gave up & let Ella, Charlotte & Aunt Linda do the official picutre taking. Hoping to get CDs from them so I can put together a scrapbook for Maw & myself. Below is just a shot of my Friday night preparations the night before....Mexican Dip anyone?Aunt Linda made the beautiful cake & it was yummy as always!

Can you see the look of surprise on her face? It was really hard to get a good shot here.....inside against the glare of the door & all...
The kids enjoyed themselves...
Dillon, Michael, Jesse, Daniel, Ashley, Cori & Alli