Thursday, July 31, 2008


What a nice treat..........Mason came by right about lunchtime & wanted to know if we would like some peaches. Our other neighbor,Buddy had brought him some & he decided to share with us too. Wasn't that nice? They were really ripe & tasted SO yummy! Besides this bowl full I saved out, I was still able to put 5 Qts. in the freezer. Some really random thoughts from my day today.......(this is Dana's fault......I got the idea from her about the random thoughts.)
I needed to run out to Food Lion & get some canned drinks for Clay & Chris' work lunches & they were on sale out there for 5/$11 (5-12 pks, that is). Anyway, I commented that I was running on 'E' in the van & might have to drive Chris' car out there. He went & checked & told me how I had PLENTY of gas to go out there & back! That even if the little gas light had come on (which it hadn't..........yet), then I would still have at least 4 gals. of gas & at 20 MPG I could just about go to Lynchburg & back on that. It just amazes me at a MAN'S thinking vs. MY thinking. He may be technically right about the gas mileage there, but it's just a mental thing with me....seeing that gas needle right down there on 'E' & the little red gas light glowering at me. Makes me nervous!! I've always said that Clay doesn't think 'E' means means ENOUGH!
A sign I spotted at a jiffy store on my way home (for those of you who know.......the Chicken Coop)......just struck me as funny. It read:
Fishing supplies...
Worms * Moon pies.
And one last random thought for the night. I finally finished reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Awesome book!! I was really worried about how it would end......just from all the little bits & pieces I've heard over the years. But Wow.......I was so pleased with how everything turned out & the epilogue too!

What's in my Basket...........

After reading Kristi's blog the other day & her make-up review, it kinda got me to thinking & I decided to clean out my make-up basket & give y'all my pitiful little make-up review. I've got a couple of old eye shadows & lipglosses that could be thrown away, but nothing major really. My make-up routine is quite simple really......especially in the summer time because I usually have a pretty good tan & can totally do without any foundation. Just some eye make-up, chapstick/lip gloss & go. I have sitting here beside me 7 items that I use each day. Cover Girl clean makeup 105 ivory foundation......which right now is basically just used to cover up any blemishes, etc. Cover Girl powder compact in 105 ivory also. Cover Girl cheekers in a rose color. Two Rimmel eye is Spun Gold & the other is a trio of browns/tans. A NYC .97 eye pencil in basic black. And my Maybelline Great Lash mascara in brownish black......yep, the trusty pink & green tube! ;-) So, there ya have it........I'd love to hear everyone else's make-up leave me a comment! Oh & I do have a couple of lipglosses in my purse......probably some cheap NYC or something & I ALWAYS have a Carmex or two on favorite is the strawberry one!

A Couple of Layouts

Lifetime Moments board is down again & won't be up & running again til this weekend, so I thought I'd share my latest LOs here..... OK, so there's a story behind this picture of our neighbor's car parked right by our mailbox/driveway..........they live up the road from us at the top of the hill & there are a couple of stories as to why they drive down & park by our mailbox & THEN take their walk. The first story was that they are scared of my uncle's old dog, Bubba. Now mind you....Bubba is ALWAYS, ALWAYS chained up......but they WON'T walk past Uncle Skippy's house. Funny thing is that Aunt Faye says Bubba ALWAYS barks at them/their car whenever they go by & I've seen this myself. It's too funny! The other reasoning that Clay just that they don't like to walk UP hills! So they drive down the big hill in front of their house & park by OURS & walk where it is flat. :-P Whatever the reason, it's a pain in the butt.....knowing they're always there every evening about 7:30pm, letting their dogs go poo by OUR mailbox when they get out of the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids call them 'The Quacks'......but the first thing that popped into my mind was Tracy Byrd's song, 'I'm from the Country'.....................thus my title, 'Living with the CRAZIES'.
Way back up in the country, back in the hills
Down in the hollows where the folks are real
Sawed off shotguns and coonskin caps
That’s where I’m from and I’m proud to say
I’m from the country and I like it that way
Everybody knows everybody, everybody calls you friend
You don’t need an invitation, kick off your shoes come on in
Yeah, we know how to work and we know how to play
We’re from the country and we like it that way
Pics I took up at Liberty the day we had Early Orientation.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a more grown-up kid's day out. Ashley & I went with Chris to his eye appointment this morning at 11:45am. Just a two-week check up from when he first got his contacts. After the eye appt. we met Sarah & the kids for lunch at Wendys. We hadn't been to Wendys in ages, so that was a nice change. Then we ran by Maw's to check on her new addition & how it's coming along. The painter was there today painting the kitchen & dining room. Things are looking good. Left there & headed up on campus to walk around & help Chris find where all his classes would be & show him his dorm, etc. Maw, Sarah & the kids all decided to come along just for fun.Leaving the DeMoss building heading up to check out the dorms. Daniel was Chris' buddy today....had to be right by his side the whole time. Looks like a future LU student to me! ;-)
Just a quick pic at the fountain in front of DeMoss. That marble was HOT! Notice how Anna didn't want to put her little legs down on it.

This is the tunnel that goes UNDER the highway.....connecting the Main Campus to East Campus. After leaving the campus.......took a while longer up there than I had really planned, but that's ok......we ran by Steve & Barry's & Old Navy. The only thing we came home with was a plaid button-up shirt that Chris got at ON. Will have to take another day SOON & do a little more shopping. Came home & grilled some chicken along with corn-on-the-cob, fries, salad & biscuits. I've gotten the little ones settled down for the night now & Clay is off to work some OT......midnight til 8am! :-P Blech! Think I'm off to FINISH this HP book. It's taking me forever! For some reason Clay just doesn't understand exactly WHY it is taking me so long to finish this book......................he's such a MAN!!!! He can sit down & read straight thru, undisturbed, but ME...........I sit down out side in my chair & I swear, not 5 mins. later someone needs something.......Mom, make some tea........Mom, tell Jon to quit touching my stuff..........Mom, come start my bath water...........Amy, where are my work clothes? And then he asks me how far I've gotten in my book! The nerve of him!!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Wanda just posted a new challenge for us over at ASF for this week.....Check it out!

$250 for tickets, $90 for t-shirts, $35 for snacks.........taking your daughters to the Jonas Brothers' concert? Priceless!Okay, I made that up! But it IS my challenge to you. Make a "priceless" page. Model it after those Mastercard ads. There are no other requirements or restrictions! Well, maybe just one: have fun.BTW, HERE's a link to the one I recently made.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Extreme Crop

This weekend is the Extreme Crop at Lifetime Moments & I just though I'd post a few of the LOs I've done so far. Need to get up from here & work on something before supper time.Pics from Bruce & Lauren's wedding shower last month.
Love this pic of Linda & Maw......taken at the shower.

And this one Ashley took herself.......they were waiting for the movie 'Camp Rock' to come on the Disney Channel. Gotta love those Jonas Brothers! ;-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

LU Campus

Today was grocery day & while I was in town I decided to ride up on campus & find out where Chris' dorm was. Of course I had to take a few pics along the way. ;-)I remember when this very sign used to say 'Liberty Baptist College'. And when they hit university status(while I was still there) they just flipped the sign over to read 'University'. I was so tickeld to get to graduate from Liberty UNIVERSITY!
Big South 2007 Champions

Looks a little deserted right now, but things will be hopping before too long. Some of the Male dorms where Chris will be.

The Vines Center
The Demoss Building

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Picnic at the Park

We had such a good time at the park today celebrating Michael's birthday. Maw, Sarah, Florence, Ella & Alley were all there to help him party! And you couldn't have asked for better was in the mid 80s & NO humidity. We sat at some picnic tables by the creek & there was the nicest breeze. The kids had a ball playing & wading in the creek & the littler ones enjoyed the swings & jungle gym. Ashley took this one of Jon & Michael being their normal goofy selves.
Ashley took this one too......that's why she isn't in the group.....she was manning the digi camera today while I used my Nikon.
Summer, Anna, Catherine, Evan, Michael, Daniel, Jon, Dillon, Alli, Cori & Taylor.

Tonight, we grilled burgers & dogs for supper along with fresh corn-on-the-cob straight from the garden. Afterwards, I vacuumed the pool & then played for awhile with Michael & Alli. Ella gave Michael some cool torpedo diving toys & they had a blast playing with those. We just got done having cake & ice cream & Michael & Alli have headed off upstairs to bed. They should sleep good tonight after their fun-filled day of play.

11 Years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mister Michael Dude! I can't believe 'Mama's Baby Boy' is 11 years old today! (Did anybody catch that reference to David Ring? I can just hear his voice every time I call Michael my 'Baby Boy') Michael's opened presents already & we've done treats.......hence the big ole Green Tea. This child LOVES Green Tea & was thrilled to death to get a whole bottle all to himself........with a big bag of sunflower seeds to go with it! We just got done eating the traditional cinnamon buns & coffee for the Birthday breakfast & now I need to run hop in the shower & get our picnic stuff together for the park today. Will catch up later this evening & share some pictures from our fun day!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day

Busy day today...the usual every day stuff (laundry & all) plus getting things together for our party at the park tomorrow for Michael's BD. Ashley & I ran out to the library before lunch...she is reading the Beverly Lewis series for Young Adults--SummerHill Secrets & needed to get the next books--'Night of the Fireflies' & 'A Cry in the Dark'. She is really enjoying these!! Then we stopped by Food Lion to pick up a few things.........canned drinks for Chris to take to work, 2 liters for tomorrow, cinnamon buns for our BD breakfast (can't believe I had forgotten to get those!) Came home & fixed everyone some lunch, got my roast chickens in the oven & Chris off to work. Then I sat down to make Michael's card. Since I had all those paper piecing patterns pulled out, I went ahead & used one to make him this cute fishy card. After I got the card done, I wrapped his goodies & fixed my little treat bags.......nothing extra-fancy just some crayons, gum, candy, etc. After supper tonight, Ashley cleaned the kitchen up for me & then I got back in there again & baked cupcakes to take to the park & his cake for us to have tomorrow night here. Gonna put his cake in the freezer til tomorrw night & will ice the cupcakes when we get to the park. I'm just afraid as hot as it is that they will melt all over before we even get there. Anyway....I think all is pretty much in order now & I'm gonna go watch Harry Potter #5 with Clay, Ashley & Jon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paper Piecing

It was so HOT today & with no AC it kinda makes you feel like doing a whole bunch of nothing! So after posting my challenge at ASF for this coming week, I decided to dig out my patterns & play this afternoon & this is what I came up with. This cute little scarecrow guy. For each person that completes my challenge & posts their layout at ASF this week, I'm going to put their name in a hat & pick a random name & send them this little guy as a treat. This will be in addition to the regular 'Happy' from ASF for the challenge winners.It keeps rumbling thunder around in the distance.....I think I might just head upstairs here soon & read & enjoy the AC. ;-)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Check this out....

Korin is giving away some blog candy.......check it out!!

Paper Piecing

It was my turn again this week to post the weekly challenge over at ASF.................

Kimberly got me to thinking here recently about paper piecings......she made the cutest palm tree for one of her layouts & it inspired me. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have tons of paper piecing patterns from way back when that I've kept tucked away in the back corner of my remember all those Bumper Crops & Kopp Kwickies. Well, my challenge to you all this week is dig out those patterns, search for some on the web. Scrapbooks Etc. usually has some cute patterns in the back of their mags or you could even use coloring books for ideas! Just make a paper piecing to accent your pages/cards this week. Come on me what ya got!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Acronym for today

Just sitting here sipping my iced coffee...Yum! and thought I'd share my day with you in an acronym:
S-Scrapping...I got one layout done this afternoon about our goats. Check it out.
U-unusually hot today- mid 90s. Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.

N-Not much going on today...

D-Day of rest

A-Avatar movie-'The Final Battle' watched by the boys this evening.

Y-Yuck-free supper tonight. Something that evryone likes & will eat-- grilled chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, salad, ronis & corn muffins.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Garden Plenty

Just thought this looked like a picture this evening. Everything except the carrots is from our garden.....all the different types of lettuce & the little sweet onions. I LOVE being able to just walk out to the garden & pick some fresh lettuce for our salads & sandwiches. It's so yummy!
This is what Clay, Ashley & Jon did last night.......they made grape jelly. Also from our garden......well, from our grape vines. They were able to make 10 pints. Mmmmm.....sweet Concord grape jelly!

Had a good shopping day yesterday. At Target, Ashley found the cutest little shirt for $2-something & two pairs of sneaker-type shoes for $3 each. Then, I went browsing down the sheet/towel aisles because I knew I was needing to get stuff for Chris' dorm room. And I happened upon a 'College sale'........found sheet sets (twin & double BOTH) for $10/set. I got him two sets of sheets & 5 towels for UNDER $30! We moved on to Old Navy & they had jeans for $9.99 & polo shirts for like $6.99. I picked up a pair of jeans for Jon, but they ended up being WAY too long & I need to exchange them. And when I do, I'll pick up some for Chris too. He definitely NEEDS some good jeans & polos for school. They have to have collared shirts for class. At Sam's & Walmart, I was able to stock up on most of his toiletries.....stuff like sahving cream, razors, tooth paste, tooth brush, deodorant, shampoo, soap, bandaids, cotton balls, etc. I also got him an alarm clock & Maw had a clip-on bed lamp for him. I still need to get laundry a laundry basket, detergent, hangers & all but it will all come together, I know. I'm just SO pleased with everything I was able to get done & checked off my list yesterday! And the biggest blessing of all is that it didn't really push my grocery bill up much more than usual. ;-) PTL! He is good....all the time!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

~The Tin Man~

Saw a man in the movies that didn't have a heart
How I wish I could give him mine
Then I wouldn't have to feel it breaking all apart
And this emptiness inside would suit me fine

Its times like these
I wish I were a tin man
You could hurt me all you wanted
And I'd never even know
I'd give anything just to be the tin man
And I wouldn't have a heart and I wouldn't need a soul

I couldn't see your leavin comin
It took me by surprise
Even now it still seems like a dream
But I know I cant be dreamin cause as I lay down each night
The pain's so great that it wont let me sleep

Its times like theseI wish I were a tin man
You could hurt me all you wanted
And I'd never even know
I'd give anything just to be the tin man
And I wouldn't have a heart and I wouldn't need a soul
Well I'd give anything just to be the tin man
And I wouldn't have a heart and I wouldnt miss you so.

~Kenny Chesney

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Old 'Green' Chair

There's a blue rockin' chair
sittin' in the sand.
Weathered by the storms,
and well oiled hands.
It sways back and forth,
with the help of the winds.
Seems to always be there,
like an ol' trusted friend.

I've read a lot of books,
wrote a few songs.
Looked at my life,
where it's goin',
where it's gone.
I've seen the world,
through a bus windshield.
But nothing compares,
to the way that I see it,
when I sit in that Old Blue Chair. I'm sure Ella will know exactly what I'm talking about here. ;-)
A little background......Clay found two of these old metal chairs sitting down at the dump. In good shape really....just a little rust which he said could be remedied with some paint. But I actually LOVE these chairs just the way they are. I love sitting out under the Dogwood tree in 'My old GREEN chair' reading in the evenings! I've been meaning to take a picture forever.....because every time I see my chair, I think of this song & I just KNEW it was worthy of a scrapbook page. Again, 'Life's Little Treasures'. ;-)


I decided yesterday to try & keep up with what I did all day long...just out of curiosity. Dads just don't seem to totally realize what us moms DO all day we get side-tracked or think we have a few minutes of free time only to sit our butts down for about 5 minutes & have someone hollering for something they need. So, without further ado....
Start the coffee & fix drinks for M & A * Check my email * instant message Maw & Ella * drink my coffee & eat a blueberry bagel * wash dishes & straighten up kitchen * THINK I'm headed upstairs for a shower....* Michael spills tea on the table & it runs all over, down the side, on the chair,on the floor.......* Mop the kitchen floor & THEN head upstairs to the shower. ;-P * Laundry * run to Food Lion to pick up a few things--milk, bread, Pepsis, waffles & ice cream (for our black berry cobbler)* Fixed Michael a grilled cheese * put some chicken tenders in the oven for Alli * fixed ME a ham sandwich * switched laundry to dryer & put another load in * GRUMPY,GRUMPY,GRUMPY kids!! Grrrrrrrrrr! * put sunblock on Alli & Michael & send them out to the pool * Sit on the porch & actually get to read for a bit...'Under the Northern Lights' * Wash lunch dishes * Packe Chris' lunch & get him off to work * Sat down with my card mags to get some ideas * started scrapping a page for Penny's Ad Challenge * Checked in at ASF----LM is STILL down * Fixed supper--steak sandwiches, fries & fresh cucs from Mason's garden * Stir up blackberry cobbler & stick it in the oven * Sat on the porch & read again while I waited for the cobbler to bake * Take a walk with Ashley Michael & Alli* Check in again at ASF & update my blog * Fix kiddos some ice cream for a bed time snack * Send Michael & Alli up to bed * Watch the 4th Harry Potter movie with Clay, Ashley & Jon * Enjoy that fresh blackberry cobbler while we watched * headed upstairs to bed about midnight * left Clay up waiting for Chris to get home from work.
And that, my friends is usually about how my days go! ;-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blackberry Picking

Last night instead of our usual walk....we headed down to the pond to pick some blackberries.Ashley & Jon walking down by the old pig barn.
Checking out the bushes...

Looks like the birds might have gotten there ahead of us. We didn't get an abundance of berries, but we did manage to get enough to make a cobbler. In fact it's sitting on the stove top right now calling my name. Gonna go watch a movie with Clay & the kiddos & enjoy some yummy home-made blackberry cobbler & vanilla ice cream.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Maw's renovation project

First of all, this is just a snapshot that I took Friday on the way home....leaving campus headed out toward the bypass.
Kind of dark, but this is looking from the driveway thru to the back yard. You have the remains of Maw's shed in the foreground there with Philip & Troy hard at work.

Philip with the floors all framed up for the new addition.
Maw said she took alot of BEFORE pics....inside & out.....I hope she keeps up with the progress along the way too. I know I'll have a blast putting all these pics together in a 'Renovation Album' for her. ;-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Penny's Ad Challenge

Ready for a new dare? Here’s one by Penny.
When the TV guide came in last week, I tossed it onto the counter and this was the ad on the back of it.

I love this ad! The overall design, the flourishes in the corner, you name it! So, my challenge to you is to use the ad as inspiration for a layout.
So, let’s see what you can come up with. Upload your layout in the gallery and then link it back here to be entered to win a small prize with your next order/purchase at ASF. Make sure you tell us where you used the ad for inspiration!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Look what Ashley found yesterday afternoon when she was cleaning out the side board.....a box full of my old pictures. These few that I've posted here were all taken in the summer of 1983, with my new Canon AE1 that I got as a HS graduation gift from mom & dad.Sarah ready to dive into her little kiddy pool out on the patio....she was 6 years old.
This was our trip that we took to IA to visit Aunt Vada, Johnny, Wendy & Kristi that same summer. Pictured here from left to right....Kristi (& I can't help but point out the bangs......did you cut those yourself, Kristi??), Mindy, Wendy, Sarah, me & Aunt Vada.

Me in front of the Crown Point Club sign. I also have pool pics somewhere in that box I should in particular of a 'Grover-like' uncle in a tiny little bathing suit. ;-) And pics of Wendy & Kristi....weren't you both on the swim team?

LU Early Orientation

Well, today was the big day for Early Orientation up at Liberty University. Clay, Chris & I were up there til about 2:30 yesterday afternoon......doing financial check-in, getting his student ID card, lunch with the chancellor- Jerry Falwell, Jr., meeting with an advisor & discussing classes & scheduling, registering his vehicle, etc., etc....after all the 'must-do' stuff was done, we piddled around & walked around campus some.....showing Chris around & reminiscing about our time at Liberty. Who would've ever thought way back then, when we were students there & first in love & talking about getting married, that 20 years down the road we'd be up here again getting our son ready for his first year at LU! Wow!!!Leaving Demoss & walking up to check out the dorms.
Chris & Clay in front of his old dorm......Dorm 18

The field behind the mansion over-looking the baseball field with CVCC in the distance. Clay said they used to sled down this hill when there was nothing out there.

The Carter Glass Mansion---Chancellor's office

Over-looking the guys working on Dr. Falwell's memorial garden.
You can look straight across & see CVCC where Chris went to school last year.
Dr. Falwell's memorial plaque.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Do You KNow...

...Who You are in Christ? Or who He is in you? There is freedom in the answer to these questions.

I copied this from my friend, Robin's blog. Thought it was worth sharing with MY blog-readers too. ;-)

I have a fabulous little book titled "Who You are in Christ Jesus" by Sylvia Nelson.
Let me start with the introduction in the book:
As a human being you probably have a name and you live somewhere. Perhaps you belong to a church and quite likely you are citizen of some country.You will have acquired a reputation of some sort - it will vary according to the one who is asked to describe you.Are you able to describe yourself with any sense of clarity or truth? What is the basis for your judgement of yourself, or anyone else for that matter? Is it the world and its ideas that are your standard?The world may have an idea of who you are. You may have an idea of who you are. But the Word of God is the truth. THE WORD OF GOD IS HOW GOD SEES YOU. It alone is the basis of how you can see yourself.As a Christian, realize that you are NOT the person you used to be, or that you thought you were. Neither are you who your friends, family or enemies thought you were.2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.

"What does it mean to be "in Christ"? It means that when you received Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord, He immediately came into you, and you immediately became a part of Him. You are in Him as a result; you are a part of His body.

God said in Romans 4:17 that "we are joint heirs with Jesus". What does that mean for us? It means that God gave you, as an inheritance, everything that He gave to His Son.To begin with, you have a new name: Christian. You have a new home. You dwell in "heavenly places with Christ Jesus". You may belong to a church but now you have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus. And - you now belong to the Kingdom of God.But that's just the beginning.

Listen to some of God's description of you:
*You are the head and not the tail.
*You are accepted in the beloved.
*You were healed by His stripes.
*You are forgiven all of your sins.
*Jesus became poor so that you might become rich.
*You have been raised to newness in life.
*You have been made the righteousness of God in Christ
*The blood of Jesus cleanses you from all unrighteousness.

As Christians, you are no longer victims, but Victors! Allow God's word to stir you up, to bring you out of negative circumstances, out of self doubt, into faith in God's Word. God's worth is the TRUTH.
Read each Scriptural Description of yourself out loud, and receive it for yourself. God loves you. He wants to be and have all that Jesus bought for you on the cross. Remember that All that He is, He is in You. He told us that "we would do all the things He did and more"
Say it! Believe it! Act as though it is so, because it is! God's Word is telling you WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST!


This is the LO that I did for Sara's 'Summer' challenge at ASF. Just a couple of snapshots that I took on one of our recent evening walks. Jon & Alli were riding their bikes while Ashley & I walked. This is a typical summer evening for us around here. Love our after-supper walks & bike rides! I'm tired now...just waiting on Clay to get home & then Chris in a few hours. They both are working some overtime this week. Clay worked 2nd last night & they BOTH worked 2nd this evening. Clay is supposed to be getting off around 10pm & then he's going back in in the morning at 8am. Chris will work his regular shift tomorrow & then he's taken off Friday because we have Early Orientation at Liberty.
Lots of chores done today. The boys worked in the garden earlier & Ashley snapped our first small batch of green beans. I cleaned some...dusted & swept. Laundry, of course. Washed the sheets for the kids' beds & got them remade. Mopped all the downstairs floors. And somewhere in between all that I managed to at least get ONE little scrapbook page done. But like I said...I'm TIRED now & think I'm just gonna take my cup of coffee & go watch Funniest Home Videos with Ashley while I crochet a while.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

After Supper Walk

This is for all you scrappers out there......I snapped this coming back from our walk this evening. Every time I see these 'weeds' growing in the summer it reminds me of that Basic Grey Uran Couture line. What do you think?
Michael heading up our drive after our walk this evening.

This is why............

my blog is titled 'Little Treasures'..........Jon picked these for me yesterday when he went down to get the mail. Said he saw them growing right there in the edge of the field & thought I'd like them. Isn't that just too sweet?!!And I just love the 'cottage' look of them in my little glass Coke bottle sitting in the middle of my scrapping table. Very Cheery! These are the things I want to remember! ;-)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Today's Art

Just thought I'd share this layout I did today of my adorable nephew, Daniel. Isn't he just the cutest?! Ashley took this photo back in the spring at one of our scrapping get-togethers. Love these new Cosmo papers I picked up at AC Moore. I really had fun with this LO....some water colors, ribbon, ricrac, buttons, doodling, etc.

This Week's Challenge

This week's challenge at ASF comes from Sara:

Happy July all you Friendsies!! It's been a wonderful summer so far, full of family barbeques, swimming pools and sunshine. My challenge to you all?? Scrap it!! I want to see what summer means to you. The challenge?? Your title must be one word, 'Summer' and it must contain AT LEAST 1 paragraph about your summer so far, whether it be a fond memory or fun time--get those stories on paper!!Upload your creation to the gallery and link it back to this thread. I will put you all in a random drawing for a little RAK from the store--and a little summer happy from me!! These are due by midnight July 12th.Have fun!!

My mind is already racing, thinking of ideas & pics that I could use for this challenge.....our July 4th fun, pool pics, bike riding & summer evening walks....turtles & frogs & playing in the creek. Think I'd better clean off my scrappin' table & get busy!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

We started off by heading to town this morning....the girls & I......& we met Maw for lunch at Applebee's. I was afraid there would be tons of people out & about today, but instead it was fairly quiet. I guess everyone was either at the lake or cook-outs or what-not today, so the restaurant & stores weren't too bad at all. We did our usual....Target, AC Moore, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Sams & then Walmart. Chris had to work this evening, so we didn't plan anything major. We just hung out here this evening. We grilled burgers & dogs & then while the coals were still hot, the kids made smores. Later on, we cut up a yummy watermelon that Clay got today & when it got dark enough we did our fireworks, sparklers, worms, snap N pops, etc. And our neighbors had some awesome fireworks going off all around us too.
Alli, Ashley & Michael roasting marshmallows.

and watermelon....

Of course Jon & Michael have to act like Goobers! ;-P

Now that I've got all my pcitures uploaded from the day...I'm going to sit down in here with Ashley & Jon & watch Jaws 2 until Chris gets home.