Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope your day was 'Boo'-tiful! It was rather uneventful around today......for which I was quite happy as I have been feeling like the Road Runner these past few days...running here & there to parties & activities & whatnot. I was more than happy to finally have a day at home with NO where that I had to go. Michael got up early & went hunting. Chris left for work about 10:45am & we enjoyed a leisurely morning watching an old Dracula movie on TV. Gotta love those oldies. After lunch I spent some time doing a little scrapping in between folding loads of laundry.

Sarah, Maw, me & Chris...celebrating my 27th birthday...a few years ago. LOL
Later on that same year (1992) Chris was helping Pop & Sarah plant the garden.
Someone had stamped me a whole set of these amazing deer scenes.....a LONG time ago in some swap I did. Pulled them out today because they were just perfect for some masculine cards.
Not actually done today, but these are a few art journal pages I've done here recently.
While I was scrapping after lunch, Michael was busy cutting/grinding up deer meat into burger. He jokingly told me to take his picture because he was being a Butcher for Halloween.
Jon, sporting his 'sweet' little candy necklace he found in his Halloween treat bag. I had four candy necklaces leftover from our party at Maw's the other day & my kids informed me that that was just the right number of necklaces for them to each have one. You would've thought they were too old for candy necklaces......but evidently NOT!
Getting ready to head in here & enjoy some fun Family Halloween time. Home made pumpkin pie & coffee for dessert while watching 'Sleepy Hollow'.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Weekend

Well, I'm the only female in the Bunner home tonight. It's Family Weekend at Liberty & Alli is spending the night in the dorm with Ashley. I dropped her off after lunch today & they were giddy with plans for the rest of their day & evening. Ashley was going to show her around campus & show her where all her classes are....then they were going to get a coffee & go see Harry Potter at the Dollar Theater around 3:30pm. On their way back from the movie, they would stop by & check out the football game going on. Then, it would be on back to the dorm to order Dominos for supper & later they had a few Halloween movies that were rated appropriately that they planned to watch on Ashley's computer. I'm really glad that Liberty does this.....allowing the younger siblings to come spend the night in the dorm. What a way to recruit future LU students. ;-) I'm so thankful the girls enjoy spending time together & for Ashley being such a good big sister to Alli. I'm also thankful for good room-mates that are willing to share their space this weekend with a 12 year old.

There were big blustery clouds in the sky this afternoon, but for the most part, the sun was out & it turned out to be a really pretty day. I prayed it would be nice.....especially after the icky day we had yesterday with rain & sleet.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party

First of all I'm happy to announce that Chris got a job out here at 'our' Food Lion.....only about a 6 mile drive so his gas tank is VERY happy about that. He will start on Monday. Thanks to everyone who has been praying!!


Today we had our Homeschool Halloween party at Maw's house. Was really sad that Sarah & kids missed out on the fun. They were headed back from NC & had van trouble. Praying it will be a simple fix for them. We had some new friends from church join us this time around. We were thrilled to have Sharon & her 4 kids with us today.

My treat bags that I fixed for the kids.
Cori & Alli in their Goth garb.....TRYING to be serious..................
.................LOL......they just couldn't stop giggling!
Alli & Cori back in Maw's bedroom having a jam session.
Was just sitting here thinking...........I used to take pics of them back there playing with it's guitars & boy talk. When did our little girls grow up??

We had such a nice day! The weather has been just near perfect these past few days!! There was a chance of rain today, but God blessed us with a lovely fall day in the lower 70s. Now tomorrow it's supposed to take a turn for the colder.....& be in the upper 40s/lower 50s the next several days.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall, Fabulous Fall

Before I tell you about my day today, I must back up & show you how crazy it can get around here at night.

Clay had bought this 'Comfort Treestand Seat' to have for hunting, but wasn't sure he liked it & was going to take it back. But in the meantime, here is Jon WEARING the seat cushion giving us his best Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtle impression.
Shake your booty! See, I told you they get wound up & crazy at night!!
Just a little Rocky cuteness to brighten your day.
Clay brought a pile of peppers in from the garden this afternoon. So, I cut them up for flash-freezing. I got one whole gallon ziploc full & part of another! They will be awesome in our chili this winter!
These photos just don't do justice to the beautiful colors out here right now. I was SO enjoying the sunshine this afternoon as I finished up my book & then worked on some crochet.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Lots of stuff going on today. First of all we had some fun doing a little writing project for school. I got the idea from this book entitled ' If You're Trying to Teach Kids How to Write, You've Gotta Have This Book!'  As a group...compile a list of 15 words that the students like...ANY words. I had each kid ( & myself included, I decided it sounded like fun) make up a list of 15 words. Then we switched lists. After the lists were switched, we were to combine any 3 words into phrases or sentences. It was, in a way, kind of like doing Mad Libs. They were just silly, funny, sometimes nonsense sentences. Here's a sampling of some of our work in no particular order.

1. The blue plaid toothbrush
2. The dirty ham was gross.
3. Squeaky apricot blubber
4. droopy meat infection
5. The slick bunny hops quietly.
6. The dark ominous vampire
7. I like soft tasty treats.
8. The books are yummy & squishy.
9. Red pumpkin pen
10. The blue guinea pig pen
11. The cat drank sweet tea in the field.

Remember the picture of the cute little twiggy Halloween decoration I posted the other day? Well, here's my version.
I love how it turned out. Will take this to Maw's on Thursday to decorate the table at our Halloween party.
Two simple little accordion fold flowers...
....& a few little bat that I stamped, cut out & hot glued to the twig
Add the final touch of some orange & purple ribbon around the vase & there ya have it!
While I was sitting outside soaking in every little bit of lovely sunshine & Fall beauty that I could this afternoon.........doing some reading......the latest Beverly Lewis book 'The Mercy' & also some crocheting...........the boys headed off to the mountain to do some hunting. I hadn't been inside too long, really a little while larer.....working on supper....when Clay called me to say that Michael had shot a 5 point buck. I know he was so tickled!! Especially after seeing/shooting at & missing quite a few already. Clay was really glad that he was sitting in the stand with him. He said he just wishes he had the video camera so he could've filmed it.

His antlers were kind of wonky. One side was really short. It wasn't broken or anything like that.....that's just the way it was. I guess he was just a little 'special' LOL! Guess we'll be having tenderloin tomorrow night for supper.

One more bit of news from today. Chris got a call from Food Lion out here in Lovingston to come for an interview on Wednesday. So say a prayer that this might work out for him. That, along with the freelance work he's doing right now would be awesome!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Decoration

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs this evening & found this adorable little Halloween decoration. I found it here on The Scrappiest. I just might have to give this a try for our Halloween party!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scrapping Old Photos

I don't know why exactly, but I seem to be pulling from my stash of older photos here lately. I tend to do that from time to time.....which I guess is good, because I'm getting all these older photos scrapped & into albums where they can be enjoyed.

Chris at 7 months old....learning to pull up in his crib & open the curtains by his bed.
I always loved this shot of Maw & Chris reading before bedtime. They were reading 'The Curious Little Kitten.' That was always a favorite. Such sweet memories!

Oklahoma & Homecoming

I was looking through some of Ashley's pictures that she just posted & snagged a few that I thought I would share here with everyone.

We're not allowed to take photos during the play, but Ashley was able to snap some at the end when they had their curtain call.
Homecoming weekend!
Homecoming parade before the football game.
LU's chancellor, Jerry Falwell, Jr. & wife, Becky

Friday, October 21, 2011

Scaremare 2011

We had such an awesome time at Scaremare last night! We all agreed it was probably the best we've been to in several years!

Jon posing with the 'IT' clown & the gorilla. He's so black he kind of blends into the darkness. LOL!
A more straight-on picture....the flash did better here too.
Such a fun Family night!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Feeling Fallish

It rained here yesterday & was so foggy & Ashley always liked to say about this time of was certainly 'Bleak & Ominous'. Today the rain has stopped, the sun is out & it's a gorgeous day......just terribly windy & much cooler than it has been. I do believe we will be cranking up the wood stove for the first time this fall tonight or tomorrow night for sure! Tonight is Scaremare for us. I'm taking my kids & we're meeting up with Danielle, her kids & Chris' old room-mate, Damian is meeting us too. Should be lots of fun!!

Chris & Damian have worked in Scaremare for the past three years when they were in college......this year Ashley's room-mate is working it & we get to see if we can spot her along the way.
And.....just a little bit of scrappiness
My Alli-Cat when she was just 10 months old.......'My Brown-Eyed Girl'
Rocky longs to be 'Close to You'. He loves sitting in ANYONE'S lap these days....especially if they're sitting at the table working.