Sunday, June 27, 2010


The kids spent the afternoon yesterday over at the creek building this dam so it would be deep enough when they come to get the water for our pool.See....this is how us 'rednecks' fill our swimming pools! LOL
They took me over there last night after supper to show me what they had done.

This one of Skippy's cows was thinking that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.....she kept sticking her head W-A-Y over & then reaching her tongue out even farther. It was so funny to watch her.

Haven't posted any layouts in a while.......

These are just a handful of my most recent layouts.
Memorial Day cook-out at Maw's

Easter egg hunt in maw's backyard.
Ashley's willow tree that she named 'Willoughby'
Love these pics of Clay talking to Chris when he was about 8 weeks old.
Chris & Jon on the last day of school.

Jon & Taylor at our Memorial Day sweet!
Two of my crazy boys playing 'Chubby Bunny' at our Memorial Day cookout.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Just finished reading another awesome book the other day. Idoleyes by Mandisa. The book is terrific but one part in particular I wanted to share here:

'Since graduating from college, I had been living in a quiet & protected goldfish bowl. I worked for a christian company, associated with Christian friends, sang with a Christian group....

I am thankful for my "goldfish bowl" experience, but I also recognize that God as called me to carry His name into the unpredictable roaring sea as well....

Shortly after my first audition aired, I received an email from an aquaintance. She wrote, "I was not happy with your American Idol experience. You do not have to compromise your values & sing secular music to make money & a name for yourself. I just hate that we as the Christian community cannot pay you the same money as the secular, but the rewards are much greater."

......After reading her message, I stared at the computer screen in shock. How could she possibly feel this way? If Christians associated only with other Christians, how would unbelievers come to know Jesus?

Many Christians believe we should remain separate from those who do not share our views & beliefs. They quote 2 Corinthians 6:17 as their rationale: "Come out from among unbelievers & separate yourselves from them." But Paul meant that we should separate ourselves from the sinful practices of those who don't know God. We're not to participate in ungodly activities. Furthermore, Jesus himself endured criticism for talking to fallen women, eating with tax collectors & visiting sinners. He regularly told us that we should let our lights shine out to the world, not hide them under a bushel basket.'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smith Mt. Lake

Yesterday we spent an awesome day at the lake. It had been 5 years since we had all gone & spent the day there as a family. Too long. We commented to each other yesterday evening, as we sat at the picnic table finishing our supper while the kids were playing, about how much easier everything seemed about the day now that the kids were older. No pushing strollers down to the picnic tables, we have three strapping you men who were able to carry the cooler, charcoal, etc. down to the picnic area & there wasn't all that whining & complaining when it was time to leave the beach or the palyground, etc. Granted, I know that means my kids are growing up......but I'm enjoying them so much right where we are right now!! Whoever talks about the 'Terrible Teens' really makes me mad cuz we are totally enjoying all these (more or less) teen-agers that we have now!Alli, Jon & Ashley

Clay with the girls in the boat.....coming in for his next group of riders.
Alli's sandy flip-flops.....don't they just scream SUMMER TIME?!

Our picnic supper.....we grilled chicken & hotdogs. Yum! I should've brought some marshmallows for roasting. Will have to remember that for next time.

My Monkey-Boy, Jon

Looking at the beach across the way from the picnic area.

Jon & Michael......need I say more?

Alli, Jon & Michael playing on the swings.

Jon & Ashley......never grow too 'Old' to play! ;-)

My Clay-Baby!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yet Another Girly Day.....

Sandee, I tell I see it, there's just no other choice but for you to move to VA. LOL! Sunday was Sarah's BD & so yesterday we all got together to celebrate. Danielle & her kids, me, the girls & Maw got together for a fun afternoon. We scrapped & chatted & the kids know how it goes. We had a blast! Then, about 5pm Clay came by when he got off work & picked Alli up (she wanted to go for the day & party, but she really didn't care to do the sleepover part). After they left & Ella left, Maw stayed & we fixed pizza & salad for supper. After which Anna & Daniel were just about to bust a gut to go get an ice cream cone for dessert. So, they took us up the road to this fun little ice cream place where we sat outside at little umbrella-ed tables & enjoyed our ice cream.
After ice cream, Sarah drove us out & showed us the new piece of property they recently purchased. Then it was home & into jammies so we could watch movies. We watched 'Kate & Leopold' because Sarah had never seen it before. The fun continued on today as we hit 3 different Good Will stores & enjoyed lunch at Wendy's.

Ashley had to have me take a picutre of her tater skin......see the cute little smiley face that God placed on her baked potato. How cute is that?!
We came home with several bags full of treasures from Good Will. Ashley found 4 cute tops, I got a pair of jean shorts for Jon, 2 cds- DC Talk & Michael W Smith & 6 books. All for right about $20. I LOVE shopping like that!!
Trying to stay cool now, doing laundry while the kids are watching 'The Two Towers'. Taking the whole family to Smith Mt. Lake tomorrow for some boating, swimming, etc. Should be a fun day....if we survive the heat!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last Song

Monday was another summer fun girly day. We met Ella & Cori & went to go see The Last Song at the dollar theater. Ashley & I had both read the book & were waiting ever so patiently for it to come to the dollar theater. Notice the Clash of the Titans poster right beside The Last Song. ;-) It's an inside joke.......Ashley & I keep saying that we're going to go see that on one of our Girly Days out. LOL After the movie, we met up with Sarah & Chris Bell, Sarah B & her kiddos at Starbucks for a yummy coffee treat.
Sarah, Ashley & Anna sporting their new 'I Love NY' Ts that Sarah brought back after their trip to NYC last week.

Chris & Sarah Bell
Ashely was tickled....she FINALLY got her permit today. We've been meaning to for ages, but something always seemed to come up. Now, lots of driving practice in our future. And before I can turn around it will be time for Jon to get his. YIKES! All these kids are growing up so fast!!

Jon is the proud owner of a new Fender electric guitar. He has been wanting one & has shopped around for a while now & finally bought this one at Best Buy the other day. Our up & coming new musician. ;-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goodness Gracious......

Are these boys crazy or what? I tell ya, they always keep me laughing & I guess that's a good thing, right?! Michael was the 'Star' of all these pics & Jon was the wonderful photographer egging him on. They went Striper fishing this past Thursday night......a relaxing treat for Clay after working so many straight days in a row....but they did get a tiny bit tired & loopy in the you can see. ;-)outside the restrooms at the boat landing at SML
INSIDE the restrooms at SML

Michael's catfish that he caught

So happy to have my oldest 'baby' home for the summer...for real now! Chris finished up his summer school classes on Thurs & then finished up his training for the warehouse at Frito Lay on Friday. He now has a week 'off' to rest & relax before he starts work 'for real' on Friday afternoon. To celebrate, Clay took us out to supper at Pizza Hut. What a nice treat!! After supper, the guys wanted to run by Best Buy....'just real quick.' Yeah, right! Anyways, while the guys went to Best Buy, the girls & I poked around in Pier 1 & Barnes & Noble. As we walked back to meet the guys I snapped this pic. It was so nice outside as we strolled along....Ashley said it felt like being on vacation at the beach.

Chris & Jon playing UFC

Michael checking out some cool gadgets.
I know I'm a ding-a-ling to have my camera out in Best Buy snapping pics....but hey, it was fun!!

Alli had been begging Ashley to make these 'Inside Out' chocolate chip cookies for awhile now, so Ashlehy finally decided to do them last night for a yummy bedtime snack. Will have to post the recipe later on because they REALLY were good!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Singin' in the Rain.....

The other evening there came up one of those cool spring rain know the kind....where the sun is still kind of shining & it's just a nice easy rain. Well, I looked out front & there was Michael & Alli running around out in the field just laughing & playing & enjoying the rain. Next thing I know Ashley is out there with them & so I thought 'what the heck...' it's times like this that make I ran & grabbed my camera & joined them!

'I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me & the earth.'
Genesis 9:13

Memorial Day cook-out at Maw's house.

The kids decided it would be fun to play a game of 'Chubby Bunny'. So we had the big guys play....Chris, Jon & Michael....couldn't get Dillon to join them. was a hoot to say the least!! Chris had been eliminated at this point. Jon won by stuffing a whopping 6 large marshmallows into his mouth! GAG!! Then we did the girls....Cori, Alli & Anna played......I think Alli won, if I remember correctly. But they didn't get near the number of marshmallows in their mouths that the boys did.

We are so blessed with family & friends! We had a total blast that night!!

Things got a little crazy when they started doing the Chicken Dance....

Then Sarah joined them for the Macarena.....

Throw in a little 'Storm Trooper' dance.....

And end it all with a 'Hoedown Throwdown'

Love this pic of Jon with Taylor sitting in his lap. All the little kids just love him to death & hang all over him & want to play with him. I see here the makings of a good Daddy!

Ashley has been wanting a Willow tree forever & it just so happens that while Clay & the boys were in Lowes about a week ago, that they happened to find out that all their trees were on sale....something like 75% off! So, he was able to get Ashley her willow tree for about $6. He's planted out in the corner of our yard near the garden & his name is 'Willoughby'. We also got several other fruit tress....apples, pears, peaches, etc. Clay wants to bush hog the area right out from our yard where the huge old pine tree used to be & make that into our little orchard.