Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Barbie Wedding

Danielle & her kids came for the day yesterday. One of those things that we had been talking about & planning on doing ever since school was done & things just kept getting in the way. Well, we finally just MADE it happen yesterday. Always so glad when we do & wonder WHY in the world we wait for months on end in between visits. :-PThe big event of the day was the Barbie wedding which had been in the works for ages! Ray & Sharpay FINALLY tied the knot yesterday at a lovely ceremony upstairs in my bedroom! Then they rode off on horse back to honeymoon in France! Oh the joys of little girls. ;-)
Jon is Jesse's buddy....he absolutely LOVES hangin' with him & doing Boy Stuff together. Here they were rubbing stones on a brick trying to make their own arrow heads! Totally absorbed in the moment. Later on they played Hide & seek together.....Jesse kept telling Jon to hide his eyes & count to 80!


Kaye said...

Ray & SHARPAY???? LOL!!!

Sherri said...

I remember those days with my twin sister! We made the wedding clothes and everything. ahhh