Monday, June 09, 2008

A Blast from the Past!

Had out the old photo album this morning looking for a picture of me with the new bike I won in a coloring contest when I was 6 years old. Maw had found the tags from the bike & brought them to me yestertday. Only MY mom & dad would STILL have the tags off a bike that I won 37 years ago! :o So, now I have the picture AND the tags to go with it for a nice scrapbook page. All that leads me to THIS.......................This picture of me & Kristi sitting at Mema's kitchen table back in 1975. I was 10 years how old does that make you, Kristi? Probably about Cora's age, huh?! Just thought I'd share with everyone! ;-)


FlippyHolz said...

Oh my GOSH! Sorry I haven't been up to speed on your blog lately - bday celebrations and whatnot. But that is a photo I've never seen before!! 1975 - that would make me about one and a half in the photo (since it looks like summer out). Awwwwwww. Of course I guess now that just makes me ... old. ;)

Kaye said...

Great picture, Amy!!

FlippyHolz said...

Hey Ames - would you email me a jpg of this?? I tried to save it from here but its saving really tiny!