Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cherries & Amish Cinnamon Bread

Been busy today...but in a nice way. The girls & I spent the morning pitting all these cherries that Jon had picked last night over at Mason's. I kept thinking to myself as we sat there & worked & chatted & giggled.....that there was something really special/peaceful about sitting around the kitchen table with your girls & working together. Something I wish every mom could experience with her daughters!!Finished up with the cherries just in time to fix lunch, then Ashley & I ran out to the library & by Food Lion to pick up some pie shells......for the cherry pie, of course. Decided NOT to bake pies today since I had to bake my Amish bread & it is just so stinkin' HOT with no AC downstairs!! Will do a pie & maybe a cobbler over the weekend. Got my Amish bread in the oven & mopped the floors then went & sat outside to cool off a bit & worked on my crochet squares. It was SO hot this evening that we decided to get Vitos for supper.....that & a salad........AND some of the YUMMIEST shrimp pasta salad I've ever tasted. Clay was over at Mason's right before supper & Gayle sent him home with a little bag of this pasta salad she had made & it was SO good. Gotta get that recipe from her!!!! After supper we took a walk........(see,'s catching!)....Ashley & I walked while Jon & Alli rode their bikes. We walked all the way over to Mari's & then home again. The boys worked in the garden for a while & Clay & Michael got the boat all ready for their fishing trip tomorrow. They're fishing early & hope to finish up around noon.....since it's supposed to be so hot. Jon will be going with Mason to the cabin to weed-eat & I'll be getting my groceries.......ALONE!! Off to get a piece of cinnamon bread & watch AFV with Ashley.


Babydoll said...

Cherries! Would you believe I've never had a real cherry?!! Only the ones in the jar and I'm sure they don't taste like that!! LOL!

Sandee said...

CHERRIES?!! OMG! Ours are all shrived up and look more like mini prunes than cherries. Our weather has been so bad that we don't even have a garden planted yet. We do have sunshine today so we are hoping that before the days start to get shorter, (in 13 days) we'll be able to plant something.

Kaye said...

Have you gotten the recipe for the shrimp pasta salad yet? I'm pretty sure I need it!

And I think I need the recipe for the Cinnamon Bread, also.