Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Day

Well, Chris had his first day of work yesterday......or should I say 'training'. He said they watched a BORING video about the company, went on a tour of the plant, watched the packers for a while as they packed (that's what he'll be doing) & they fed them Pizza Hut pizza for lunch. ;-) Got his Frito Tshirts he has to wear & today he has to get steel-toed shoes for work.

It was kind of a quiet day yesterday...it's amazing what a difference it makes just having TWO people out of the house all day (Clay & Chris at work). I promised the others that if they behaved that I would take them to McDs for a sundae around 3pm. That way we could sit out there & enjoy the AC for a bit. Also ran into Food Lion & picked up some frozen pizzas for the kid's supper (they don't like Kaye's BBQ). Then ran by the library to drop some books off. Came home & we ate a simple supper......Maple BBQ sandwiches & frozen pizzas. Then while the oven was on, I went ahead & stirred up a cherry cobbler & stuck it in so we would have that later for dessert. Jon & Michael went over to Mason's after supper to pick some more cherries!! Another ALMOST full 5 gal bucket of cherries to freeze. Then the girls wanted to take a walk....so about 8pm, when it got a little cooler, we walked over toward Mari's. Talked to Aunt Faye along the way & she told me we could come to their house & pick cherries too if we NEEDED any. Ha! I just hate to think about them going to waste, so if the kids want to pick them, I'll freeze them, I guess. They sure will be good this winter for some nice home-made cherry pies!!

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Kaye said...

What's wrong with your children that they don't like my chicken BBQ sandwiches???