Monday, June 16, 2008

Belated Father's Day

'...and the glory of children are their fathers.' --Proverbs 17:6Hope everyone had a nice day yesterday celebrating all the dads in their lives! We had a nice quiet day here....a little pool time in the afternoon & then baked ziti for supper along with a salad & French bread. I baked Clay a fresh cherry pie for dessert....from all those cherries we had picked. It turned out REALLY yummy!


Nett said...

That looks delicious!!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Wow. Did you do a homemade crust too? Either way, I'm still impressed!

I bought a Sara Lee pie for my Dad. :-)

Amy said...

I do have my Mema's '100 Year Old Pastry' recipe, but sad to say, I've never used it. This is a Food Lion frozen pie close to Home-made as I get. ;-)

Babydoll said...

How come you're always making me drool when I come to your blog??!! LOL!! Yummy!

Kaye said...

Baked ziti and pie? We should have some to eat at your house!

Sandee said...

That has to be the first cherry pie I've seen with a solid crust. Why didn't I ever think of that? I struggle with the lattice work and get cherry juice all over myself.
Let's compare recipes. Maybe mine is the same as yours....for the crust...uh, the one you didn't use!
Mmmmm the photo even smells like cherry pie!