Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's in YOUR purse??

Y'all come check out the blog at ASF....each week one of us Design Team members posts a cool challenge to get everyone scrapping. This week it was my turn. I dared everyone to do a layout about their purse & what's in it. You can check it out here...'s a picture of my purse....or as Clay says, 'That's a BAG, not a purse'. MEN! Who cares what it's called as long as it's cute. I love my little Giraffe bag that I got from Target! Just perfect to toss everything in & go.

And here's what was IN my purse this morning. Let's see.....wallet*notebook*makeup pouch*Keys on clippie ring*mini photo album*GermX*hand lotion*Carmex*pink pen* hair brush*Date book*several candy sticks from Cracker Barrel*a little Barbie top that Alli poked in there yesterday at Sarah's house* tags from Chris' work pants that I was just keeping along with the receipt til I was sure they fit ok (& then I decided to keep the afore-mentioned for a LO)*my cell phone

And here's one of my favorite items from my little cell phone case that I crocheted. I totally love how it turned out.
Anyway, now that I showed you guys what's in my purse......y'all dump out your purses & make a list & post back here & tell me what's in YOUR purse.....and if you're a scrapper, please join us at ASF & share your LO with us there!!

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