Saturday, June 14, 2008

So Glad....

That today was Saturday & nobody HAD to get up at a certain time or go anywhere. I slept in....if you can call 7:20am sleeping IS for me! Jon & Chris slept til nearly noon & none of us went anywhere today. I did the minimal amount of chores...straightened up upstairs & did two loads of laundry. Then I scrapped after lunch. I got these two LOs done & have another 2-pager on my table that's ALMOST finished. Will do that here in a bit before I head to bed & will scan/upload tomorrow.
I'm TRYING so hard to finish up last year's ball pictures. That's what Summer Scrapfest is all about anyway. Getting your pictures done & into albums. I'm just about finished with Jon's pics & then I'll do Michael's. May have to break things up a bit though & work on something else & then come back to ball pics. I'm getting really tired of baseball & using the same ole colors & embellies. BUT....I'm plugging along & getting quite a few done, so I'm pleased.

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