Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to our usual schedule

Enjoyed having Chris home for Fall break last week. Now, this week it's back to our regular routines again. Several loads of laundry done I have to fold about 3-4 baskets of clean clothes...but hey, at least they're clean. ;-) Book learning today consisted of math & History.....still searching for a new History book for Jon, but anyway. In math today I've done Adding whole numbers, decimal numbers & money...Subtraction algorithms...Scientific notation...Problems with Insufficient Information. History consisted of Patriotic Holidays...Miles Standish...Foundations of American Government. Ashley has finished reading Macbeth for Lit. & is now reading some Edgar Allan's that time of year, ya know. After lunch I scrapped from the LU Snowflex. Jon went hunting....didn't see anything but a bunch of squirrels. Chicken fajitas for supper. Just chilling for a while now until it's time to watch 'stories'.

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