Thursday, October 22, 2009


These past few days have been SO nice.....temps in the mid 70s, clear blue Autumn skies, leaves changing colors....So yesterday Ashley & I headed out, cameras in hand.....we were going to the library & Food Lion.....but along the way, we were hoping to get some nice Fall pics. We rode out to where we pay the electric sits in such a beautiful spot with the mountains (or HILLS) all around....but we were a tad disappointed....the colors weren't full-blown yet & it just didn't look picture-worthy. So, as we headed back toward the library, Ashley asked me where the little road across from Oak Ridge went...I think it's Freshwater Cove Ln....something like that. Anyway, I told her in all the years we've lived up here I've never been down that road....always wondered where it went & what was down there, so off we went on our 'Explore' (Can't you just see Pooh & Tigger off on an 'Explore'). It was SO pretty down that road.....winding our way around bends & curves in the road...up & down little hills......we saw so many cool old RED barns along the way. Took LOTS of pics! There was the cutest little sign in someone's front yard....their name was 'The Pughes'....& on either side of the sign were these two adorable little skunks. After that, we headed back to the library.....parked across the road in the very far corner of the church parking lot & got out so we could take pics of the tree in front of the's such a pretty-shaped tree & is always absolutely gorgeous this time of year! Then, just for good measure, we rode down High Peak Rd. to John Ed's house & to see Ridgley's goats along the way. Such a fun impromtu afternoon. Was talking to Maw later last night, telling her about our adventure & we are thinking about planning a 'Field Trip' to Ridgley's to see her goats. ;-) Sounds like a plan to me!


Sandee said...

Who needs photos when you describe the countryside so perfectly with words?! ('noticed you were clear about the mountains/hills!) LOL

Amy said...

Will post some pics this weekend...when I have time to slow down & resize a few. Headed out for groceries now & then to Scare Mare tonight.