Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spooky Science

I was browsing a friend's blog last night....she's a homeschooling mom of 2 little boys & does the most wonderful, fun learning things all the time!! They are doing all kinds of fun & spooky science experiments since it IS that time of year, ya know. Anyway, I thought these were so cool & wanted to share them here. Let me just say these aren't stictly for the younger kids......EVERYONE was in here with me last night doing all of these experiments....& that included the teen-agers & dad too. They're just fun & really, really cool!!
If you have need of a larger photo click HERE.
You can of course SEE the black ghost, but did you know a white ghost will also haunt these ruins? In order to see him you must stare fixedly at the black ghosts mouth in bright light for 1 minute. After a minute you will need to quickly look in the doorway of the castle and you should see the white ghost. :)
How it works:
When you are looking at the black ghost part of your retina is NOT exposed to the light from the black surface. The rest of your optic nerves are LIKE WHOA and dazzled by the bright paper and they tire very quickly. When you look in the doorway of the castle the tired optic nerves do not see the white of the paper to its full brightness. They see it as more grey. The rest, on the other hand, see the white tint of the paper all the more clearly now. An exchange of black and white surfaces is produced and you can now see a white ghost! Once the nerves adjust themselves the white ghost disappears.


Fatcat said...

That's cool, Amy. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

So glad you guys enjoyed it. I need to post a new one soon!