Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just HAD to share this little excerpt from the book I'm reading right now..... "He talked about the scriptures reminding us to return to our first love. I know the verses are talking about our returning to Christ, but the counselor thought the principle could be applied to marriage as well. He reminded us of Scriptures that urged a husband & wife to find delight in each other. See, we're supposed to keep going back to our love for each other, that wonderful, heart-pounding love that drew us together. But returning isn't a onetime thing. It's a constant returning. Day after day after day. Returning to each other with a thirst that can never be met without a fresh supply of water. With that attitude, any couple could survive the hills & valleys of life together."

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scrappinpsycho said...

Great quote - I like Karen Kingsbury - unfortunately I'm not much of a reader... too busy on the computer or scrapbooking!