Monday, October 05, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Let's see.....I feel like it's been forever since I really posted on here. I still can't upload any pics.....not sure what's up with that, but anyway. This past Thurs. evening Ashley & I met Maw, Charlotte & Ron & went to the LU Theater to see Annie Get Your Gun. That was Ashley's first play & the first one I've been to since I was in college & we both thoroughly enjoyed it! Those kids are SO talented!! Can't wait til November's performance of Jane Eyre.

Oh & our latest unit study for school squirrel care. When the boys went to get a load of firewood the other day, they ended up cutting down a tree that had a squirrel's nest in the top of it....with 3 little baby squirrels & no mother. So they decided to bring them home & see if they couldn't take care of them. They googled & researched & found out what they needed to know. They are in one of our old hamster cages in some nice warm bedding. They also learned that they needed to give them Pedialyte until they could get the proper formula for them. So they made their own Pedialyte with the proper mixture of sugar, salt & water. Since then they have gotten the right formula & a little syringe to feed them with. And the boys have been waking up about every 3 hours during the night to feed & care for them. Kinda gives them a little insight into what is involved with taking care of an infant too. Some more life lessons along the way. ;-)

Today we had a field trip to the new Regal movie theater in L'burg. Their grand opening will be this coming weekend, but today thru Wed. they were having dollar movies/popcorn/sodas...with all the proceeds going to local charities. An advantage of homeschooling is that we could go to the first showing of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince at 12:15pm while all the other kids are in school. The theater is really beautiful & the movie was really good! An awesome outing for sure!


Sandee said...

Amy, I couldn't upload photos for a few days either. I figured it out - I'll send an e-mail with instructions.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Awwww sweet babies...I need a photo of them. :)So glad your taking care of them.