Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party

We had our Homeschool Halloween party at Maw's house yesterday. Just 'Us'...Sarah, Ella, me & the girls. We had a really fun time.....lots of yummy treats, coffee & of course candy!Since we've all become such big NCIS fans, Ashley decided that she was going to dress up as Abby this year.

Alli as a gypsy & Ashley's version of 'Abby'

I love this little guy!! He's been around as long as I can remember & it just wouldn't be Halloween without him.

All the yummies....chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin cookies, candy treats, popcorn, soda pop & some coffee with several different kinds of creamers to choose from plus whipped cream to top it off. Mmmm-mmmm!

The lighting wasn't so good down in the basement but anyways.....had to get at least ONE group picture & they co-operated...for the most part. ;-)
Anna, Alli, Cori
Jesse, Daniel & Taylor

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Sandee said...

Abby! (I thought her name was Maggie.....but that's MaGee!) I need to watch mor NCIS.
How fun!!!
'wish I lived closer...I SooOOoo would have been there!