Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scare Mare '09

Took Ashley & Jon to Scare Mare last night. We met up & went with our church's youth group...we were hoping to have at least 15 people come so we could get the group discount.......we ended up having THIRTY in our group! How awesome is that?! It had been calling for rain yesterday afternoon/evening, but we kept praying that God would just hold the rain off for us & sure enough NO rain last night. It was the perfect evening....almost hot for late October. Here is the deranged bunny rabbit....didn't get to see him actually chase anyone around the field, but he did keep popping in & out of the tents while we waited in line.

And this lovely fellow.....he kept bouncing in & out of the tents/lines too.....& I mean that very literally....he had the coolset bouncy stilt thingies on his feet.

Ashley, Molly & Logan enjoying the wait in line.
We had such an awesome, fun time! Got there about 6:45pm & even after stopping back by the church to drop kids off, we made it home by 10pm. Not bad at all for a Friday night!

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Sandee said...

Okay, I give.....what's a Scare Mare???? What do you do there?