Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Adventures

Well we all made it to curch this morning & guess who had a coughing spell during the service & had to get up & leave.....ME I'm so ready to be over this 'crud'!! Anyway...came home & fixed left-overs for lunch, watched an episode of NCIS with Michael & then when I came in here to the dining room I noticed that Chris had IMed me...........he went over to Maw's house to do his laundry & realized that he had locked his keys in his car! He tried to get it open with a coat hanger, but that didn't work. So I had to go take him the spare key that I keep on my key chain. I had a nice impromtu visit with Maw & Chris this afternoon. And I WILL be getting a copy of that key made to leave there at Maw's house. Don't know why we never thought about that before.....because if anything like that ever happens again, she will be alot closer by.

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