Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's Spooky Science Fun

Hole in Your Hand How to see a hole through your hand:
Equipment: 1 sheet of paper, your hand, your eyes
How to do it.
Roll the paper into a tube. We thought a tightly rolled paper with an opening between a quarter or fifty cent piece worked the best. Hold the tube with your right hand and look through it with your right eye. hold your left hand open on the left next to the paper. There should be a hole!
How it works:
Your right eye sees the hole in the paper tube and your hand, your left eye sees your hand, both eyes composite the images in the brain and combine them into one image. Nifty, huh?
Have fun!


Sandee said...

I'm going to pass this idea on to the science teacher at our school. What fun!
The study on the bats??? You could build bat houses too! I want Jack to build some FAR away from the house...who knows, maybe they'd prefer to live in a small bat house as compared to our big bat house ..(our attic!).

Mama Teaching 2 said...