Sunday, May 15, 2011

Class of 2011

Wow.....I have a college graduate now! We had a FULL day yesterday. And I just want to say a big THANK YOU right off the bat to all those who prayed for me all week! I had a sense of peace that can only come from God above. Clay had safe travels to & from NYC. And most of all....the rain held off yesterday. Granted it was misty.....but it didn't rain & it wasn't HOT. We only had some sprinkles yesterday afternoon & the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing out in the rain showers. All in all it was a most awesome day!The graduates all lined up ready for the processional.
After the main commencement ceremony at Williams Stadium there was a 30 minute break while all the graduates went to their seperate ceremonies where each 'school' was awarded their actual diplomas. The school of communications held their ceremony in the Schilling Center.

After graduation, we all headed back over to Maw's house to party! Thank you SO much to Maw for opening her home & for Sarah & Ella & the all their help in decorating & getting everything set up for me. They are the Bestest!

Thank you Aunt Linda for doing the beautiful cake!! It was delicious, as usual!

Chris, Matt, Damian & Karch

Charlotte & Ron brought ME these beautiful roses! How sweet, was that.


Below, I went a little crazy with the photos.....but WAS a special day & these are just all so awesome! What great friends......& great memories!

Damian, Karch, Matt, Chris & Ashley

The room-mates......these three have shared a room together for the past two years.

They are just plain CRAZY!

Chris had to be out of his dorm by Clay, Rodney, Chris & Jon went to pack things up.

Chris & Rodney......outside of dorm last time.

When the guys got back from packing up Chris' stuff.....we went outside to take some cap & gown pics. We all got so tickled when Chris put his on WITH SHORTS UNDERNEATH! We told him he had sexy legs! LOL

My two graduates. We are SO proud of these two. God has truely blessed us with some super terrific kiddos!!


Sandee said...

What an exciting time!!!

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You must be one proud Mama!!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

What an accomplishment! I am so proud for you all.