Saturday, May 07, 2011

Kyoyu Kyoyu-Share

Remember awhile back when I said one of the Hooky blogs I visit was gathering Granny Squares & sewing them into blankets to send to Japan. Well, I did up a stack & sent them off to her. You can check out all the lovely squares & blankets here at Kyoyu Kyoyu-Share.

After the first batch of blankets arrived in Japan & were handed out, they sent back a thank you note & this photo of this precious little girl who received a new blanket. They said she carried it around everywhere & would not let go of it!

And here's a photo of my granny squares all finished & done up as a blanket for some sweet little person over in Japan. What a warm fuzzy feeling it gives me inside just to think that in some small way I was able to share Jesus' love with someone across the world.

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