Monday, May 02, 2011

Little Treasures

Yep, this is why I named my blog what I's the 'Little Treasures' in this life that make it so sweet!! Long story, but I had to take Clay to work today, so since I was already in town, I figured I'd go ahead by Maw's house & drop off some of the grad party stuff that I have so far. Trying my best to get stuff together/organized ahead of time. After dropping stuff off at her house, I decided I would treat myself to lunch at Subway. See, I've been using my points card for quite a while now & hadn't yet actually USED any of the points I had accumulated, so........I got a 6 inch sub with a drink for FREE! Now, that's the kind of little treasures I'm talking about!


The other day on a Hooky blog, we had been talking about WHERE we crochet.....inside, watching TV, outside, in public places, while riding/traveling, waiting at Dr. appointments, etc. And also we were talking about other folks' comments about our hookiness when we were out & about. Well, I had one of these experiences today. Of course I had my hexes with me to work on in the van while Clay drove to town. He had run through McDonald's drive-thru to pick himself up some lunch before heading to work & as we pulled up to the window, the girl inside started oohing & aaaahhing over my hexes. Telling me how beautiful it was, etc. She handed Clay his food & asked me if I ever did stuff for other people. I said sometimes, but I really just enjoyed doing it....very relaxing. Well, she wanted to know if I'd make something for her & she'd pay me! LOL! Someone I didn't even know! It was really weird & Clay had to go.......not to mention the fact that we were holding up the drive-thru line. But anyways.......I still thought that was really have this young girl really appreciating my hookiness. Another little treasure in my day today!


And when I sat down here this evening to put pics on the computer, I found a few more little treasures. Alli had taken my camera outside the other day & taken these lovely pics of the flowers in our yard.

Now, do I call these next photos a little treasure or not? Of course I do!! Anyone with boys can appreciate these next pics! Boys are definitely a different kind of treasure, that's for sure.

Michael was plundering last night & found this crazy looking camo mask & an old coat. Kinda scarey, huh?!

Then he snuck outside without us realizing it......came around to the living room window, put his hands up on the screen & just stood there until we saw him. Did I mention scarey?! Rocky was going NUTS...barking his head off.....trying to hop up on the back of the couch to save us all from this crazy lunatic that was outside. It was so funny! He's such a ferocious little guard doggie.

And one last treasure that I'm working on now. Anyone care to guess what this is going to be?

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Cindy Gay said...

I stopped and photographed the yellow wildflowers like yours (I call them buttercups) when I was picking up the mail this afternoon. I'm unsure where you live in Virginia. Do you go to the Great American Scrapbook Convention? There is one in Chantilly and (I think) Arlington in June. I go to Chantilly (to shop). You get some great deals. They have a website. Cindy