Friday, May 27, 2011

A Good Day at Good Will

Just have to share my thrifty finds with y'all this evening! I've been needing a new dish drainer for a good while now, but just couldn't bring myself to pay $7-10 for a new one at Walmart or, I've just been keeping an eye out whenever I'm in Good Will. Well, today was the day.....I walked down the aisle & there it was.....this nice 'good as new' dish drainer & the best only cost $1.55!! Doing a little happy dance in the aisle!Then, on the shelf above, I noticed two stacks of these nifty little snack bowls. You can imagine how tickled I was when I looked & saw the Liberty logo on the side! I remembered that Chris had gotten one of these with nachos in it at a football game once. I thought they'd make awesome little snack bowls for the kids.
Some had price stickers on them & some didn't.......the ones with stickers said .55............which isn't too terribly bad. But I picked through & got ones that DIDN'T have stickers on them....took them up front & asked the girl how much for them & she charged me .75 for my whole stack of 7 that I had! Yippeee-Skippy! I got one for each of my kids & one to give to Anna & Daniel too. I thought that would be a fun little treat for them.

I found two more pairs of capris today. I can not go wrong with some nice comfy capris for summer. This pair is a tad more dressy....with tiny pen-stirpes.

This is just a nice pair of cream-colored linen capris. So soft & comfy!

Then I found these awesome jersey knit ones with a little drawstring waist at Sams. I bought two pair....this black pair & a creamish/tan pair thinking they would be great for sleeping in. These were $4.81 & the Good Will ones were $3.50. Oh & I also found two Tshirts in the dollar bin at Good Will.........a gray Liberty one for Michael & a really nice Coke on for me. Not a bad day of thrifting at all!!


Momofgirls said...

WOW! I need to go thrifting with YOU! You really DID have a good day! I LOVE the LU snack trays! Those are GREAT! (shoulda gone to Goodwill while I was in town!)
Your pants!!!! Why do I NEVER find good ones? UGH! I am looking for the turquoise Ball canning jars with the metal you ever see them there?
I hope you are enjoying your summer! What colors will Miss College Freshman Ashley be using in her dorm room??
I am BEGGING Scott to buy tickets for us to go with Shae again in August to help her get settled! What dorm is Ashley going to be in? (did you get her moved to the hill yet!???)

Cindy Gay said...

I'm shopping for Chris' apartment and had a ball buying "plastic ware" this week too. A dish rack, strainer, garbage can, hamper and more....very similar to your finds! Thanks for the comments!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Now that is my kind of shopping! :) Great finds.