Friday, May 06, 2011

I Don't Do Change Well.............

Speaking of changes.....the reality of having TWO kids graduating was really hitting me this past week & I had asked some of y'all to pray for me. Well, what a pleasant surprise to come home from town yesterday & find this sweet card waiting for me........inside it simply says, 'So I prayed for you today'. It's from my good friend, Melanie who goes to church with me. Isn't she just THE best?! Totally made my day. Love you, Melanie!!

More many of you know, Chris has been without a car for several weeks now. Clay & Jon have been tinkering on it every chance they get, but the final consensus is that it's pretty much toast!
So, of course being the sappy-sentimental mom that I am, I HAD to take some pictures. Mason has bought Chris' car & the old van that we had to take & sell for scrap metal. Jon has had a blast stripping both vehicles of any useful parts before letting them go.

Below, Clay had to roll the car backwards to get it headed down the drive....

and since the car doesn't run anymore, Mason had to give him a gentle push-off with the tractor. See the tail-end of the Subaru in the edge of the picture below?

Wish I had the video was so funny watching Mason (on the tractor) pushing Clay in the Subaru (he was there just to steer) up the road to his house. 'You might be a redneck if.............' LOL!


Little Mister Rocky loves Daddy to death! And of course Clay spoils the heck out of seen below..........

Just look at that spoiled baby snoozing in Daddy's arms!

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