Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Week......

....has been kind of crazy. Trying to get back into somewhat of a normal routine, but not really sure if I'm there even yet. Figured I'd try & catch everyone up on what's been happening. Our long-time bestest friends from NC came up for graduation......we hadn't seen them in like 6 years.....YIKES! SO, so glad they got to come & endure all the crazy hectic-ness of our weekend. After the party at Maw's house wound down, we all (Rodney & family & all our family) headed back home for the evening. We ordered Vitos pizza for supper & finally sat down for what was probably the most 'normal' meal of the day at about 9pm Saturday night. Seeings how we had gone the whole day on nothing but pop-tarts, granola bars & party food for our breakfast & lunch. But all was fine......we were totally buzzing.......flying high! We all crashed late Sat. night & slept in Sun. morning......enjoying a leisurely breakfast & just visiting & catching up. Rodney & Amy left around 2pm.....teasingly saying they'd see us again in 4 years for Ashely's graduation. Let's hope we don't wait that long!!
Sunday afternoon....after Rodney & Amy had left....Michael was outside messing around & happened to come over here to the window by my computer with this icky black snake that he killed down by the pond. He was lovin' every minute of it....showing it to his sisters & listening to them go 'Eeeeewwwwww!'


Hope y'all don't mind if I share a few more graduation pictures. I keep finding more & more different ones when I look at everyone's photos. These below, were found on Ashley's camera.

Micael.....look at the smirk.....he's such a goof!

Me & my college-bound girl! hand pointing out where Chris was sitting.

All weekend long the boys had been talking about/plotting how they wanted to go to the Snowflex snowboarding. At one point, we thought maybe we'd do it Sun. before Rodney & Amy left so Josh could go with them, but they had to get back for a youth group meeting at their church Sun. evening. So.......the snowboarding got moved to Mon. evening. They wanted to go at night.....under the lights. I opted to stay home becuase my throat was sore & I still felt whooped & welcomed a nice quiet evening at home. The girls didn't snowboard, but they went anyway so they could LAUGH! They sat by the fire, sipped coffee & videoed their brothers all evening long. Below are the pics I got off Ashley's camera. They were, for the most part, dark & kind of blurry....but anyway.....

Chris, Michael & Jon getting ready

There goes Jon....

Jon at the far end....with Michael coming down

The girls & Daddy stayed warm & dry. ;-)

After they mastered the practice slope....they were able to move out back to the intermediate slope.

They came home tired & a little sore, but they had a blast! I'm glad they got to go!


Cindy Gay said...

The snake is too much! (Glad he killed it!) Our son Chris graduates next Saturday (prom is this Saturday). I have to get back to work on his album. The view master thingie was a digital design from Cottage Arts. I added the journaling, printed it out and cut around it. Have a good evening. Cindy

Sandee said...

Thanks for the pictures! I cannot believe you could actually pick out Chris in that crowd!

Amy said...

Oh, was a hoot. We were both on cell phones....& he had Ashley's big umbrella that he held up & waved at us so we could spot them.

LisaM said...

Great pics and I have to agree with his sisters on the snake, EWWWW!

Glad you joined us at My Scraps & More!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Have you seen "Billy the Exterminator"? I couldn't help but scream, "Ahhhh...Snake!" when I saw those snake photos. That is a long snake! Remy would love to have been there.