Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two more

Two more layouts done today. For the one below we were challnged to use a banner on our layout. I happened upon these pics that I had taken of the crocheted garland that I made for Valentine's Day. Thought that they would work perfectly with a little heart banner across the top.This layout was a color challenge......to use the colors red, blue, green, yellow & orange.

The colors worked perfectly with these photos of the little icecream cone that Ashley crocheted for her little cousin's 1st birthday. And that cute icecream paper that I had picked up at Michaels worked out just right too. I just realized that in my total randomness of choosing pics to go with sketches, etc. that I ended up doing TWO layouts about our crochet. Hmmmm.......wonder what that says about me??


Sandee said...

Nice scrapbook pages! How fun that you got two pages about crocheting. I'm sure we will see more in the future. Find some way to display your lovely bedspread!

Amy said...

Oh, I do have pictures of it, Sandee.......guess I should do a scrap book page about that too. Maybe I should create a special album just for crochet projects. ;-)

Cindy Gay said...

Both are very whimsical, colorful and great layouts!