Friday, November 17, 2006

After supper....

More Halloween pics done this afternoon. Danielle took of me painting Anna's face & the other of Cori's face design.

6:20pm--just finished supper (lasagna, salad & fat bread) sitting here being content & enjoying the quiet sounds of a Happy Home. Some are watching TV in the living room, Chris is on the computer & Michael & Alli are playing in a HUGE tent here in the dining room. Love listening to their happy chatter.

Did our book work this morning. Even though I balk against it sometimes, it DOES feel good to check the pages off in my 'plan book' & see the complete pages filling up their school folders--something tangible I guess that really 'shows' what we are doing each day. Although I did point out to Alli & Michael this morning that what they were doing WAS indeed learning--when they were writing out their Christmas lists for the UMPTEENTH time & asking me how to spell this or that or check this mom--did I spell everything right?!

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