Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Just a few snippets from yesterday's journal.....Gorgeous day....beautiful Fall blue sky with little wisps of white clouds, just a little over 60 degrees. Second load of laundry out on the line & I just HAD to come sit out in the sun for awhile. Just kind of waiting on the guys to leave to go hunting then I will vacuum & mop the floors. Don't want to do that til they leave.

We did some 'Book-work' this morning & then I snuck some photos of Clay & the boys working on the scooter...again, some of those special 'Unschooling' moments that are so easy to over-look, but that I really want to remember. For the past few days they have been adding a board/seat on the back of the scooter & building a gun rack to carry all their guns. They were putting the finishing touches on this morning & I was watching from the bathroom window upstairs as I dried my hair. Took one pic from up there....'My View' & the others I actually went outside & took. How can you compare sitting in a class-room to being outside on a gorgeous fall morning helping your dad work on the scooter; getting ready for hunting?!

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