Saturday, November 11, 2006


Well, I finally got my groove back.....scrapping-wise, that is. I have been so burnt out after that month-long crop in October, but I finally did one LO the other night & managed to get TWO done yesterday!! One is my Design Team assignment so can't post that one just yet....our newsletter at ASF goes out on Wed. so I'll post it here then. The photos here in these LOs are a couple years old....Bunny-cat was just a little squirt then.

I had posted the other day about my crocheting...well, I finished up one Barbie blanket yesterday....need to make two more now. Plus I really want to try out a couple of these new patterns I picked up. Might do that this afternoon. It's going to be another nice day....unseasonably warm....about 75, I think. Will probably go sit out & enjoy the sunshine after lunch & either crochet or read. It's supposed to rain tonight & tomorrow, so I want to enjoy the sunshine while I can!! I had the windows open yesterday & when I went upstairs last night to put the sheets back on all the beds it smelled so nice up there.....really fresh, ya know. I LOVE having the windows open!

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