Thursday, November 09, 2006


Stopped by the library yesteray afternoon on my way home from grocery shopping & picked up a couple books on crocheting. Lots of cool patterns I'd like to try. Was also looking at a crochet magazine while I was at's really giving me the 'itch' to crochet more! Right now, I'm crocheting Barbie blankets for Anna & Cori for Christmas.....they had seen Alli's when they were all playing together at Maw's & I asked them if they'd like for me to make them some Barbie stuff too & of course they both said YES & obliged me by telling me their favorite I was on a search for a hat pattern & also a mitten pattern for the kids....I've crocheted them scarves before, but kind of wanted to do the hat/mittens too. Never tried those before, so we will see how that goes. I really need to do a scrapbook page about 'link' to the past......I know Memaw & Aunt Mamie BOTH loved to crochet. When Aunt Kitty died there were several afghans over there that no one wanted & Aunt Faye told me to take them if I wanted them......since I'm pretty sure that Memaw crocheted them, I snatched them up! Love these things.....they are all soooooo pretty!! I have several of my couches/chairs draped with Memaw's hand-made afghans.....what a 'Treasure'!

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