Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fun Day....

Ella, Greg & the kids came for a visit today. Clay, Greg & Chris went hunting for the evening while the kids played & we visited. We all had such a good time!! None of the guys got a deer, but Chris saw two....they were small so he just let them walk. Jesse had a blast with all our critters.....loving on all the kitties & feeding the hamsters. Cori & Alli of course played Barbies all afternoon & then rode bikes for a while. Jon, Michael & Dillon went out with the BB guns & were so excited that Dillon shot his first ever bird! They were all so tickled for him....of course we took pictures. They were so cute (don't tell these MANLY BOYS I said they were cute, but they were!!) walking down the drive with their guns on their shoulders...just like their daddies had taught them. Just one of THOSE moments! ;-) Later we grilled some burgers & dogs, fixed home-made ronis, baked beans & Ella had brought brownies for dessert. Everyone was sad when it was time for them to leave...already planning for the next visit!! Good friends......what a blessing!

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