Friday, November 03, 2006

Bird on the porch.....

I'm so pooped right now....I told Clay this afternoon that tomorrow I'm not doing ANYTHING or going ANYWHERE!! Gonna plan on scrapping or how 'bout this novel on my Christmas cards! Got back from running my errands this afternoon & saw as I was getting out of the van that there was a BIRD on my back porch! It was sitting on the window sill right behind the washer. This is my life.......too funny! Anyway, Bunny (the cat) came in with me & was TRYING to be a good kitty-hunter & chase the bird down, but he finally got bored when he couldn't get it out from behind the washer. Jon & Chris were able to get to it & shoo it outside & it flew off to safety! All this was going on AS I was talking to Clay on the phone....then he has the nerve to ask me (in my spare time) if I would run back over to Uncle Skippy's this afternoon & pick a garbage bag full of greens. He took last night's left-overs to work & seems one of his buddies wants some too. ;-) That's why I'm tired & sore now.....from bending over picking greens two afternoons in a row. So....greens are all picked, groceries put away, supper cooked (we had grilled hotdogs & home-made mac & cheese). All that's left now is to wash up the supper dishes & I am DONE for the night!! Need some warm flannel jammies, my sweatshirt & a nice hot cup of coffee.

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