Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yesterday's party.....

We had THE best time!! The weather was just wonderful & the kids were able to play outside while us grown-ups sat around Maw's dining room table & visited. How many get-togethers have we shared around that dining room table? Such good memories! And yesterday was no exception.....Maw's friend Edwina was BRAVE & came by for a while to join us. She was such a God-send....a wonderful lady who has 4 sons that she has Homeschooled & she had so much wisdom to share with all of us! I think we all went away with a much-needed booster shot; encouraging us in our jobs as Homeschool moms. I know I 'floated' all the way home...just high on all her encouraging words. Ella & I talked again today & she was saying how good she made her feel right now at a time when she's struggling trying to juggle a brand new baby, a two-year old PLUS two school-aged kids. I just pray that I can share & pass on some of that encouragement that she shared with us yesterday!! What a special lady.

Today was just the usual....our weekly Girl's we met at Chick-fil-a. Just Danielle & I today....Maw said she needed to get leaves up today before the rain comes. After lunch we ran by Michael's real quick & then we headed on back to Wally World to get our groceries. Came home & the guys had gotten another load of firewood & had all their hunting stuff pulled guns, getting clothes ready & what-not. Muzzle load starts on Saturday & they're getting all their goods in order. Clay said that Jon has grown so much that his cover-alls are high waters I guess they will get passed down to Michael & Jon will have to get some new ones. I really should pull the camera out & snap a few of this mess all in my dining room & kitchen.....hard to explain, but it's kind of cool.....just part of FALL & hunting season....our life & who we are.

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