Friday, November 03, 2006

Feels Like Coming Home....

This was another of my challenges for the month of had to use three different types of lettering for your title. I just happened to run across these 3 pics of me down here at Memaw's & for some reason that song from Lonestar just popped into my head & I thought it was a perfect of me down here when I was little & then to think that NOW I'm LIVING here with my kiddos....kinda like 'coming home'. BTW, that's Uncle Johnny Bowl & Flash with me in that middle pic. And that top one.....that lilac bush is still right out here in my side yard by the garden & is soooo beautiful every spring!!
Mom told me yesterday morning that she thought she & Sarah & the children were going to ride down to Uncle Skippy's for the afternoon & pick some greens before they were ruined by the was such a pretty day yesterday! So, I had to fly around like a crazy woman trying to do some looked like the Hunting Gremlins had attacked my house.....what with Clay & the boys getting ready for hunting season...Opening Day for Muzzle Load is tomorrow. Well, I 'CLEANED', but when they got here there was still hunting stuff laying out EVERYWHERE.....they were cleaning guns & sighting them in....laying out all the camo cover-alls & boots, etc. Oh well.....such is life in the country, I suppose. I got to thinking about it & realized what a part of our life all this really is.....the same process every I grabbed my camera & took a few pictures. The guns & boots all lined up in the corner ready to go.....the hunting clothes (which have been washed in UNSCENTED laundry detergent) hanging out on the line to dry. These are the moments I want to capture & save in my scrapbooks!!

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