Monday, November 13, 2006

Just another Manic Monday.....

This is ONE of the LOs I worked on over the weekend. My pics turned out a little dark, but I went ahead & used them....after all, it's the story you want to tell anyway, right? Took these pics last week when Clay & the boys were working on the scooter. They were adding a board/seat to the back & a gun rack on the side to hold their guns. Was upstairs in the bathroom drying my hair as I was watching them (that little square pic is my 'Bird's Eye View' from up there) & thinking that THIS is what Homeschooling/Unschooling is all about! After the book work, being outside on a beautiful Fall morning working with you dad getting things ready for the upcoming hunting season. ;-) Sure can't experience THAT in a classroom!

Clay & Chris left this morning going to NC to a Panther's game. They are going with our good friends...Rodney & his son, Josh. After the game, they will crash at their house for the night & then head back home in the morning. Another one of those Dad/Son times that I'm so thankful for. And since they were gone doing something special....I let the others have kind of a FUN afternoon/evening. Alli & Michael built a HUGE tent in the dining room & spent the afternoon in there drawing & what-not. We also watched 'Nanny McPhee' this afternoon.....such a cute movie!! Had breakfast for supper tonight & then more fun.....Jon & Michael played video games together while Ashley played Barbies with it when she comes down on Alli's level & really PLAYS with her!! They were in there dressing all the Barbies in silly outfits....giggling & laughing & running back & forth to show me their designs. I LOVE sitting back & listening to them 'get along'.

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