Friday, November 17, 2006

Finally Friday.....

My latest creation from yesterday.....Just a few snapshots from our Homeschool Halloween party at Maw's house. Nothing spectacular....but memories non-the-less....Dillon's red spray-painted hair, Sarah's pumpkin pie & the girls playing Barbies in Maw's bedroom.

I posted the other day & something happened to wipe out that post, so anyway.....won't try to catch up, will just go from here.

Clay & Chris did go to NC on Rodney's & they all went (Rod, Josh, Clay & Chris) to the Panther's game that night. They had an awesome time & got some great pics!! Clay even saved me the program & their ticket stubs too! What a great scrapping hubby! ;-) Will have to post one of the pics later.....Rodney took it of Clay & Chris & it's REALLY good!! Off to fix another cup of coffee & grab a bagel.

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